What games do you have 100 hours in? (that aren't multiplayer)

  1. Xcom 2 (712 hours), fallout 4 (180 hours), reassembly (329 hours), endless space 2 (152 hours), elden ring (115 hours), wargame red dragon (130 hours) fallout new vegas (185 hours) metal gear solid phantom pain (102 hours), sins of a solar empire rebellion (105 hours), shogun total war 2 (111 hours). All of this i only play the single player mode / didn't play the multiplayer part at all.

  2. Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4, Cyberpunk, No man’s sky, Minecraft (I’m sure I’ve put a good 500+ into single player worlds over the years.) Assassins creed origins, and I’m sure there’s others but that’s what comes to the top of my head right now

  3. I want to love No Man's Sky and I generally really enjoy this genre of game. I really want to enjoy it and keep trying, wish I could find out what I'm missing. It just feels like a lot of work for some reason

  4. I totally forgot about OoT since a single playthrough is relatively short! But I've lost count of how many times I've played it over the years, so I'm sure I've clocked 100+ in it.

  5. Have you tried Dyson Sphere Program? I've only played a little bit, but enjoyed it so far as someone who also enjoys Factorio/Satisfactory

  6. How much time do you have on your hands 😭 I have barely a handful of games over 100, and that’s including being in my room all day for 6 months over covid.

  7. why is this the first breath of the wild ive seen? am i the only one that just screws around for hours doing random side shit?

  8. I played this a few years back and struggled to get into it because there didn't seem to be any kind of goals/story (Apart from survive).

  9. Path of Exile - 8985 hours (lol) Terraria - 475 hours Binding of Isaac - 386 hours Hero Siege - 338 hours Borderlands 2 - 258 hours Dark souls 2 - 245 hours Elden Ring - 103 hours

  10. It's hilarious now that it seems to be taken for granted that Skyrim is a bad game, and yet something about it was enjoyable enough that countless people in this thread (including yourself) have hundreds of hours in it.

  11. I started playing a MUD called Achaea in high school and played it for over 10 years. If I go look at my time played for my main, mortal character, this is what I see:

  12. I just keep coming back to Slay the Spire. Such a great game. Easy to learn, with some good strategy and enough randomness to always keep it interesting. Just so fun.

  13. Crusader Kings 2 & 3 Kenshi Rimworld Amazing Cultivation Simulator Scroll of Taiwu Mount and Blade Warband Skyrim Grim Dawn Lords and Villiens Tropico 5 Sims 3 Total War Medieval 2

  14. RDR2, AC: Odyssey, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Witcher 3, Stardew Valley, Civilization VI, Death Stranding, Mass Effect Legendary Edition

  15. Borderlands 1 (107) Fallout: NV (155) Dark Souls 1 (189) Skyrim (199) Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous (201) plus a bunch of MP games.

  16. Honestly? I doubt I've ever passed 100 hours of any game, aside from MP, and at that probably only an MMO

  17. Zelda: Breath of the wild for sure. Enter the Gungeon (and I cleared those 100 before I got any of the endings, too!)... Also most Pokemon games except Sword lol

  18. What u mean by not multiplayer like not multiplayer focused? For me it would be Path of Exile (starting to regret that game), Grim Dawn, and Starbound.

  19. Closing in on 100 hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition, including the DLC, think the only other games I would have hit 100 hours on are various iterations of Football Manager

  20. AC II, AC Revelations, AC Black Flag, Grand Theft Auto 5 (pretty much only play singleplayer)

  21. Totally Accurate Battle Simmulator and Elden Ring are the only games I have on PC more than 100 hours but on Xbox probably just Fallout 4

  22. All the modern Fallout games, Persona 5, Divinity Original Sin, the soulsborne games, The Long Dark, and roguelites/likes (Gungeon, Isaac, Rogue Legacy, FTL, Slay the Spire etc)

  23. Factorio. I have close to 600 hours and there is still plenty to do. I know people who have thousands of hours in this game.

  24. In each Disgaea (except D6) game alone I probably have 300+ hours. And at least another 100+ hours in NIS spinoff games Makai Kingdom and Phantom Brave.

  25. Dark souls 3, dark souls 2, metal gear solid v the phantom pain, metal gear rising revengeance,grand theft auto 4,

  26. It’s pretty hard for single player games to hold me that long. Even my Elden Ring playthrough was just 56 hours. But some exceptions are GTA 4, Skate 3, Animal Crossing

  27. Fallout 4, Cities: Skylines, Minecraft (but this could count towards being multiplayer if you play on a server with other people)

  28. Recently: A pile of roguelikes, MekHQ/MegaMek, KSP. Various Civ Games, Stellaris, Europa Universalis, RogueTech (BattleTech mod, technically multiplayer, but it's pretty indirect), I'm sure there are more.

  29. Civ 5, Crusader Kings, Kenshi and Rimworld all have embarrassing numbers. Broke 1000 on all of them. I shudder to think about how many days I've spent on gaming.

  30. Elden Ring (102), Dark souls 3 (101), AC Valhalla (154), Mass Effect LE (105), Divinity OS2 (167), Halo 1, 2 and 3 (100+ each, w/o mp), Witcher 3 (227), Guitar Hero 3, world tour, metallica, smash hits, warriors of rock (prob well over 200 hours each), Dark souls 1, Skyrim, Mass Effect Andromeda (121), Fallout 4 (108), probably Divinity 2 ego draconis, Fallout new vegas and 3, test drive unlimited, project Gotham racing 3, Oblivion, roller coaster 2, the settlers I, NFS underground 2, Just cause. (Un)fortunately no numbers for the older and 360 games

  31. Sekiro - 170ish, Dark Souls 3 - 140ish (very little of which is multiplayer) and Control which I’ve got around 130 hours in because it’s my favorite game. That’s all I remember

  32. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (239 hours). I rarely play any single player game for long, but just mindlessly starting up a run and see where the game takes me is easy.

  33. Kingdom Hearts(I have played all the games an ungodly amount of times), Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5, most of the Pokémon games(a lot of it was multiplayer, but the shiny hunting I did does add up to over 100 hours in each game), Final Fantasy X, and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

  34. 2k+ tower unite. 2k+no man's sky 😅 and few hundreds scattered here and there in whatever other games.

  35. For something different from the lineup of deep strategy and RPG titles: Pinball FX3. So many great tables and so much depth in them.

  36. Minecraft (god knows how many), Factorio (500+), Pokémon platinum (no idea how many exactly, but definitely over 400 hours), ksp (~380), terraria (~180, 500+ if you include tmodloader, even more if you include mobile), gtav (~130, story mode only).

  37. It's extremely rare I find a game engaging enough to put 100+ hours into a single playthrough or revisit enough to clock in that many hours. The only ones I can think of are

  38. the most notable is my 3k+ hours in skyrim despite not having a character with 100 hours to them

  39. SAO: Fatal Bullet SAO: Alicization Lycoris SAO: Hollow Realization Terraria Spiderman (PS4) Code Vein Tales of Arise

  40. The Sims, Simcity 4, GTA: Vice City, Black & White, Half-life. All before you could time your playtime:)

  41. RDR 2, Elden Ring, The Witcher 3, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, NieR Replicant (because I wanted to get the platinum), No Man's Sky, Persona 5.

  42. MX Unleashed. Just amazing physics. It feels great to hit jumps and have an awesome flow on the tracks. I have tinkered with that game to no end, finding glitches and a bunch of other stuff.

  43. Just gonna limit it to more modern platforms (HD era) for brevity, so: Slay the Spire, Monster Train, Binding of Isaac (vanilla and rebirth), every Souls game except DkS3 (also including Elden Ring), Civ 6, Civ Revolution, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5, Dragon's Dogma, FF12 Zodiac Age, FF13, FF15, KH2 FM, KH3, Tales of Graces f, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Lost Odyssey, DMC4 SE, DMC5 and DMC5 SE, Yakuza 1, 2, 3 and Judgment/Lost Judgment, Death Stranding, Nioh, Nioh 2, and Dragon Quest XI.

  44. Slay The Spire, Factorio, Monster Train, Stardew Valley. Those are the ones I've touched in the past... let's say two months, lol

  45. Just going down my steam library (*games where most hours are on console) Bully*, Black Ops 2*, Fallout 4 (300 hours), GTA V*, Just Cause 2*, Just Cause 3*, Kerbal Space Program, Red Dead 1, Red Dead 2, and Witcher 3.

  46. Cities Skylines and all of it’s worth-while expansions. 1200 hours. Still play it to blow off steam.

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