Squash leaves are turning yellow. Is it an over watering issue?

  1. I agree. OP, those leaves that are turning yellow are the first leaves that emerge from seedlings. Notice how they look different from the other leaves. Basically their purpose is to allow the plant to gain energy from the sun while the plant begins to grow into its actual structure. It's normal for those leaves to fall off and die. If this starts happening to all of your other leaves, then you might have a problem.

  2. I bought these guys from a local nursery about a week ago. I've had them outside with the rest of my seed starts during the day (its 80 degrees) and I bring them in at night. I've noticed that the leaves are turning yellow.

  3. Can you repot them in a slightly bigger container? Temporarily until Spring is really here. Just make sure you’re careful with the roots. Roots will love new dirt. Sometimes I just pull them out, put a little layer of new dirt on the bottom of the original pot, and just put the plants right back.

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