[NeedAdvice]What are some "healthy" escapism ?

  1. The gym/kickboxing are by far my favorites and the best I've experienced. Reading. Writing some kind of fictional story. Going for a walk and listening to music. Meditation.

  2. Exercise is my escape! If you're just starting out, then try jump roping? It's a super lightweight exercise but actually said to be the best cardiovascular exercise out there. There's also some tricks and cool things you can learn so it keeps jump roping interesting.

  3. Yup. Going to the gym, learning weight lifting is for sure my favourite form of escapism. It doesn't take long for your mind and body to crave it

  4. Really great novels? Do you have any writers you like? I can dm you some of my favorites if you're interested.

  5. I don’t think they even have to be great. Any sort of (offline) reading seems to make my mind work in a more coherent fashion, even if it’s written for children.

  6. I like audiobooks a lot. It’s still escapism, where I’m mostly escaping mentally, however I often manage to do some menial tasks during my escapism like the laundry or cleaning.

  7. I’m going to argue it’s less about what you do but more about how it’s structured. If you go to a coffee shop at 9am every Sat and leave your phone in the car (you’ll be fine), just bring a book and don’t leave until 11. That’s two hours of no fap (I pray) and no scrolling!

  8. For me it is walking while listening to very chill music usually lo-fi. Or studying/reading up on things I am interested in. Very chill and relaxed and not really addictive/harmful

  9. We bought those bowflex dumbells that go from 5-52.5 lbs. it great because its essentially a whole rack’s worth of weights but its so compact and i have it right by my desk. When i feel like distracting myself with my phone, I grab the dumbells instead and do 3 different exercises, 1 set each, for a particular muscle group.

  10. Start climbing/bouldering (you can find an indoor gym with a quick Google search), go to the gym, learn to draw/paint, Start a martial art, find a club to join with a hobby you like (the meetup app can help). If you’re in uni then join a club, if you’re not then you should still join a club. Also if you can afford it, get therapy, if not, try a million new things and listen to your intuition. Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t stick, it takes a while to find something you like or people you’ll get along with.

  11. Something that I enjoy as a diversion, but still requires mindfulness toward the task, is computer-based flight simulation.

  12. Okay, first I need to tell you that no matter what kind of "healthy" escapism you gonna try, they'd still require a lot of effort just to maintain.

  13. Learn a new skill that will improve or accelerate your career, this is something you have to really want to do and it can occupy your time and keep you away from things that keep your life stagnant. Ask yourself what you want for you career or future or any skill you want to learn and find multiple reasons why you want this and set out to achieve it. Do this and you will not have any time for Facebook or tik tok

  14. As someone with adhd and bipolar 2 disorder with no access to my prescriptions until next month - it’s been a hell of a struggle but taking walks have been insanely helpful. It all started when I visited the Catskills for my birthday and hiked with some friends. Now I can’t go a day without walking. Whether it’s on the trail near my house or just around the block a few times. It truly is the most healthy form of escapism. By the time I get back in the house, I feel energized and productive. And to keep the feeling going, I’ll turn on some ambiance visual/sounds on YouTube. Coffee Shop vibes with jazz, waterfalls, rain, etc.

  15. Honestly I'm surprised to see music portrayed as a negative kind of escapism and thrown in the same bag as scrolling through Reddit. I'd guess you could argue it is like that if you only reduced music to listening to a random playlist or whatever. But what about if you actually sit down with a classical composition or a concept album and try to completely take it in front to back? I mean, try to identify different instruments and production techniques, read lyrics and try to understand the themes of an album/composition and appreciate it as a piece of art.

  16. I enjoy watching kdramas in my spare time. I appreciate that shows are mostly one season so the shows end it appropriately (usually) after 8-16 episodes.

  17. Pop an edible, go on a day long hike in the bush by yourself listening to Douglas Adams read Hitchhikers Guide. This is pure unadulterated healthy escapism.

  18. Read books written before 2020, preferably renowned books, go hunting/fishing, or camping, and only use your phone for calls (you’ll use it only for important things, not nonsense), and don’t watch TV.

  19. Video games for sure. Reading is definitely one of them for me but I find that if my energy level is low I can get tired from reading. Playing a really good video game with a story or something fast paced keeps my mind engaged and out of the real world. You are just focused on what you’re doing and in the moment I find.

  20. Learn to draw! Of course, YouTube is a great resource, but also books and teachers can help. So many people just stop drawing once they outgrow childhood and abandon their skills.

  21. In my case, I am dealing with my issues (struggling with family finances and my ability to work) head on. I just can't deal with them 24/7, I too need an escape every so often to recharge

  22. My advice will be that try to actually accomplish fun goals and try to set them to your brain so that you wont forget it, and ye,dont think it like i'll do it later

  23. go to the gym, even if its just to be there. if you have options maybe look up some courses you could take, example - there is an organization for women where I live where they offer cheap courses like web design, languages, sewing etc. maybe hiking, but be safe. I would love to be able to go hike on my own but for some reason Im terified of the woods when Im alone (when in company, im fine) Maybe get a dog so you have reasons to go on walks and dog parks

  24. I knoe not everyone has the means, but for me its golf. 3 times a week for 3-4 hours I am outside in nature and focusing on nothing but my game.

  25. Take up running and/or start learning a musical instrument, that’s what I did. Running is relatively cheap if you want it to be, learning a musical instrument does require an initial outlay of cash.

  26. Books, meditation, knitting (sounds weird but trust me), and drawing and painting! I feel like no one makes art for fun anymore

  27. Youtube is healthy escapism if you use it correctly. Rather than going on the main page and being impulsed to scroll, get rid of all subscriptions that are 'unhealthy', then bookmark your channel list. When you get the urge, open that rather than the main page, then simply choose from one of your subs to watch.

  28. Two things that are important are moving your body and being creative (they don't have to be together). The creativity part involves putting yourself out there in some way, which helps you grow and develop a relationship with yourself.

  29. “Healthy” (in the mental/emotional sense you are using it) and “appropriate” are pretty loaded terms. We all have different needs at different times and we put a lot of expectations on ourselves based on family, society and worst of all religion. I think the list you provided can be very healthy at times. I’d suggest that avoidance is a good sign of counterproductive behavior. But there are a lot of good suggestions here too, including getting out and being physical.

  30. I was always surprised by the fact that reading a book for 2 hours a day was considered "healthy" escapism but playing a video game for the same amount of time generally gets responses like, "it's unhealthy" or "borderline"

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