Covered Calls ob GME.

  1. Hey there TobiasMP. There are some good replies in here. It depends on if you believe in moass or not (and either opinion is valid here).

  2. First, I'd recommend flushing the idea of Moass down the toilet. The greed for the idea of something that most likely will never happen has resulted in so many people missing out on money they could be earning on their positions for years. That said, I always hold back some shares to open CCs at the top of a run.

  3. The runs keep getting shorter and ceiling lower. You think we are back to 50 at some point? Also, the Company business and financials seem to be improving. Do you think it will become a long term holding play?

  4. I’ve written at strikes that high. I’ve since brought CC down to as low as $25 and earned great premium. I’ve never been called. My cost avg is closer to $35-40. I’m hoping we keep running up so I can open closer to my cost avg just in case I’m called.

  5. I opened a new account on August 12, 15k , just to wheel GME , so far 18% up, very simple strategy when red sell csp, if get assigned sell cc, and repeat,

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