I found a mass in Daisy's tummy as I was brushing her and she has a vet appointment tomorrow to have it checked. Everyone please give her a boop and your good thoughts!

  1. Um.... This is my dog and this is my old post. I don't appreciate someone stealing this stressful time for damn internet points

  2. I'm hijacking the top post to say that I appreciate everyone saying nice things about about my Daisy, but she is in fact MY dog and this person has stolen my post for karma and I don't like it

  3. Lipoma is what they’re called and it’s common on goldens as they get older. They’re benign fatty tumors than can be removed if they get too big but they are usually well differentiated and don’t metastasize. Still a good idea to get them checked out and to bring pups to the vet if you notice a sudden increase in size or some new ones forming to catch any malignancy early

  4. Hopefully it’s just a fatty tumor. Fairly common is Golden’s especially as they age. More harmful to remove so it’s normally just monitored by the vet.

  5. Could be an umbilical hernia. My boy has that, and the vet said it was harmless, but better get it checked. Hope it's nothing serious.

  6. Ive had 6 goldens.. still have 2.. female and male.. peanut & willy. Willy has had a mass on his lower chest for years. Never developed into anything. 🥰.. still give you positive thoughts.

  7. We found a large lump under the belly on our pet Maya as well. It's mostly fat tissue as per the doctors. Nothing to worry, as it's common. We want to get it removed and are planning the surgery soon.

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