Open to name suggestions! (My sister wanted to name our first dog 'taco' but it won't suit him). Bringing him home this week 🤗

  1. My dad had a chocolate lab named Murphy. I called him all kinds of things. Murph, Smurf, Smurfalicious… He was the best boy. And I bet your boy will be the best boy too.

  2. My daughter had two well loved stuffed bears when she was a toddler 30+ years ago - Bruno and Clarence. They were a golden brown just a little darker than your baby.

  3. Our golden mix that we adopted came with the name Zeus. Goose is his nickname and since it sounds close enough he responds to that as well.

  4. I know someone with a Weimaraner named “taco” 😂😂 which is super weird. But if she wants, “taquito” would work and be cute.

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