I asked how to improve my putting yesterday on here, so naturally bought a new putter.

  1. Rolled one of these yesterday, they have a nice balance to the head. I wasn’t a fan of the sole but after about 5 minutes I started to get used to it. How are you liking it? What made you pick the White Hot Insert over the Microhinge Star Insert?

  2. I’m loving it so far, it feels hotter to me. I have a tendency to leave putts short and this helped with that without having to change anything if that makes sense?

  3. I’d take any help I can get. I’m usually around 33-38 putts, when I should be a lot closer to 30 or even lower. My approach shots have been great. A lot of the 2 putts I get should’ve been birdies.

  4. Yeah absolutely, I highly recommend it. I got like a full sized one but it was unnecessary, all you need to do is hit on a straight line and have the ball come back to you.

  5. I’ve never been a big “technology changed my game” kind of guy but I bought this putter a couple months ago and it’s truly knocked strokes off my score immediately. Now I feel like I can make anything instead of playing defense every putt

  6. That’s great to hear. I hit around 15 putts in a row with this at the store from around 6 feet, next best was a Bettinardi Queen b 6 with 7.

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