So my cousins got me this for Christmas, but I don’t know how I should use this?

  1. Nah, cause then the tee holders would be bizarre. This is definitely supposed to attach to your belt, like a golf fanny pack or cellphone holder.

  2. My MIL got me a ballsack as a gag gift a couple years ago that says “It takes balls to golf”. I put it on my bag. People always ask about my ball sack now.

  3. Its such a weird thing. They advertise it as made on Italy, as if that is an awesome feature, but it is made of Genuine Leather, the lowest possible grade, which is mostly glue.

  4. Attach to your belt and use like a ball and tee holster. Keeps that stuff out of your pockets so you won’t be confused for a normal golfer.

  5. I got one of these in Italy last summer but with 1 ball and 2 tees on it. I just attached it to my bag for swag. Haven’t even touched the ball that came with it.

  6. I don't really want people to buy me anything specific to a hobby or clothes or basically anything. 9 out of 10 times it's not what you want or need and then I just feel bad they wasted their money on something I won't use.

  7. I have a small drawstring bag I keep some balls, tees, pitch mark repair tool, ball marker, and sharpie. Saves me from rummaging around in the bag. You could use it similarly although just balls and tees.

  8. Does it have a belt loop or clip? If so I'd put it one of your bag straps. Easy access to balls and tees is always nice.

  9. Get about 5 more and wear them strapped around your chest like a bandolier. Should be enough balls for a round.

  10. I always use something like this, i keep it strapped to the outside of my bag near the top to speed up tee off on the first hole

  11. They are made to hold Glen Talloch 35cl bottles. One round of golf is exactly 36 shots, based on the size of the screw top.

  12. By putting it on your bureau until the next time you clean, then putting it in a drawer or closet for 2-4 years, then throwing it out because the i would feel bad if I did window is up.

  13. You can put it on the outside of your bag. For the love of god don’t wear this on your belt or something though.

  14. First of all… that wouldn’t last me through the first hole. I would need at lease 2 boxes of balls if we’re playing 9

  15. Start wearing it to work, but don't bring up golf... Until the first second someone else mentions it, then don't shut up about golf

  16. Does it have a belt loop or something? I'd imagine back left hip for a right hander, with a range finder in it. If it can't fit a range finder then yeah, I guess balls or a flask lol. Tbh I do hate having a ball or two in my pockets. This would be kinda cool.

  17. It’s actually for your wife. Every time you say you want to golf with your buddies and she says no, you’re supposed to put your balls in there.

  18. Dude I’d tie that thing on the outside of my bag. The strap from the golf cart always blocks my pouch where my tees and balls are that thing would be helpful.

  19. What do you mean? You take your cellphone, multitool and whatever nonsense you have on your belt and throw it in the trash and put this in its place.

  20. I got something similar but for three balls and two tees. Mostly I think it's just to look pretty, but I might clip mine to my push cart.

  21. I always find these funny. Products made by a company that has no idea what an actual golfer would use on the course. I bet it was pricey too.

  22. First things first give all the single women in a 25 mile radius a fair warning that the sex machine is coming to town.

  23. Ask Bryson DeChambeau. There’s probably some type of chemical reaction or six sigma flow chart you have to reference before using. I wouldn’t take them of the ball holder and jock strap until you hear back from him.

  24. I think if you wear it on your crotch and wear it backwards, it will be perfect for when you don’t make it past the red tees and have your balls out the rest of the hole

  25. Can’t you latch it to your belt? You have balls, tees and marker with you - you don’t have to walk up to your bag when you tee up/need to mark a ball on the green/repair a mark.

  26. Yeaaa that’s something that should collect dust in your garage lol. And not that it matters but “genuine leather” is the lowest quality leather available

  27. Id put it in my golf bag pocket, could be handy to stop your balls and tees jaggling around. Kinda a useless item but could work for a minimalist sunday bag w/o a lot of pockets.

  28. As a finalist at the world nerd golfers championship. On your belt. Next to your Fanny pack. Wear black ankle socks and short shorts.

  29. It doesn’t seem like it would be of any use on the golf course. I get that it’s the thought that counts, but it’s pretty clear this is a gift from non-golfers that just thought it would be nice, but have no actual clue.

  30. I got a similar one in Italy a few years ago, definitely a ball holder. 50% of people on the course will think it’s awesome, the other 50% will give you shit for it.

  31. Don’t use it at all if you don’t want to. I’m sure your cousins didn’t know what to get you and just grabbed it. They knew you liked golf and found it in their price range. They could probably care less if you use it or not, they just wanted to get you something.

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