Got to play Shadow Creek & The Floridian in the same month. Both unreal as advertised.

  1. For the interest of the golfers in this sub, I usually request you tell us how you got on and how much you paid. There are golfers of every economic level here. Us poor folks like to dream, the rich folks may just appreciate the information.

  2. Happy to. I am in no financial position to play either course tbh. I (29M) have an uncle who does well in the oil trading world in Texas. He is in Vegas a lot and gets access to these things. Basically called me and asked if I wanted to be the 4th at Shadow in a few weeks for $0. Obligatory yes. ~$1200USD per person is what the bill showed. Called me 3 weeks later to say his buddy (member @ Floridian) had a few extra spots at his guest house for the weekend. My brother and I stayed 3 nights, golfed >36 holes/day, had world class food/company (roomed w/ some ex & current MLB players/managers), all for the grand total of $0. I am so unbelievably grateful for both experiences and couldn't say thank you enough.

  3. My brother and I showed up to the Floridian (I was wearing same outfit as Shadow) and my uncle's friend (the member) looked at me and said "Head into the pro shop and pick a new outfit. Anything you want. Put it on account 109". Obligatory "yes sir".

  4. Isn't a pose I promise! That would be a hell of an ass clench/club bend if it were. Someone took about 10 in a row as I swung and this was the coolest :)

  5. I played Shadow Creek about 5 years ago as a guest of a close friend who gambles ALOT in Vegas/MGM properties. MGM limo picks you up and takes you into the course. Now I rarely gamble and if so, poker b/c your money "lasts longer" at the table. But when I arrived for breakfast in the clubhouse, there were these old dudes at another breakfast table who were complaining they owed each other money from the previous night--one dude pulls out MGM yellow chips ($1000) from his pocket and lays like a short stack in front of his friend, like how we pay back each other $20.

  6. How did you like The Floridian? Mr. Crane has one hell of a course there. I won a tournament there last year. :D

  7. I'm not hating on the look but those shorts are borderline against the dress code a Floridian (I know the photo is not from there).

  8. As eccentric as I like to dress, I can be a nuisance in some facilities that employ dress codes. You aren't wrong! I felt like a weasel!

  9. Great pics. I've played Shadow Creek. It's legit...and a truly great course. Got invited to play in a charity tournament. Would love to play The Floridian. It's up on my list now.

  10. Played Shadow Creek with my dad last year in January. One of the most beautiful locations I've ever seen, golf course or not. Glad you got to play it, it's marvelous!

  11. Did they change the dress code? They said I couldn’t play in a tee and I had to buy a polo from the pro shop

  12. Not sure if you call it a sleeve on your leg, but that it awesome! And a great taste forward! Look good/ play good!

  13. Hey OP! Love the leg tattoo. I’m currently planning a leg sleeve myself, and I was wondering if you had a clearer image / any style influences you’d recommend? Cheers

  14. Hey thanks. That's awfully kind. Obligatory "everyone has a different taste", but you can't go wrong with traditional work. Get as many skulls/eagles/panthers/pinup girls as possible. Link to mine below.

  15. I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a big crush on someone from just a photo! If you ever need a partner for a couples trip, I’ll volunteer. So jealous of these two trips. So cool!

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