Always with the stiff shafts... is this really a thing?

  1. I don’t swing fast, but I get better numbers from a stiff shaft on a launch monitor. All I care about is the result, not what letter is stamped on the product.

  2. The average swing speed of a male amateur golfer is 93.4, and 95 is where you might start looking at stiff flex. Not saying there’s no ego involved but plenty of younger, athletic people fall into that range legitimately.

  3. For male golfers age 14-65 stiff flex has basically become the new regular flex and it's been that way for awhile now.

  4. There's also a good number of people who dont get fit and buy off the shelf and just assume they need a stiff shaft, when a controlled swing with regular would be far better for them.

  5. It's more feel for me. I run regular shafts in everything but driver as I don't like the way the driver flops around in my hands with a regular flex. Also feel like I have to wait on the shaft to kick or will block it out to the right. At least for the driver's I was comparing.

  6. I’m 5’8, 165lbs and 33 years old…. 18 handicap… clocked 97 on my swing and got fit for stiff… I’m pretty average I think at every level.

  7. I went from regular flex to graphite flex…. Wanted to quit golf … switched to stiff flex and I’ll never go back. Golf is now fucking amazing and fun. Piss rods all day .

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