I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Masters this past Saturday. AMA.

  1. I’ll piggy back on this thread, as I went Monday and Sunday and went absolutely ham on concessions. The concession stands are well oiled machines. I never waited more than 10 minutes. They’re basically big barns that you walk through and grab whatever you want. Touch a credit card to pay on the way out. Well staffed.

  2. The guy who had my ticket had chairs for us so I didn’t buy one. I don’t remember seeing the chairs at the store but I’m sure they were there.

  3. One of my friends has family from there and they have had tix for years and the family just shares them usually but this year they had an opening for a guest so I got the nod

  4. How did you decide where to sit/stand? Did you stay in one spot or move around? I feel like I’d most like to be near the green on a Par 3

  5. There’s not a bad spot on the property. Other than around Tiger the crowd isn’t that huge that you can squeeze in and watch all over. We eventually settled in at 16 for a good bit where we left our chairs because you could see the tee shot and the putting from our angle. It was also close to the beers and a head without having to go through a fairway walking path.

  6. I bought so much stuff lol. I had a long list of friends who had asked me to grab them something. The shops were really nice. The main one has a museum that you walk through when you’re in line to get in the shopping area that gets you so hyped up.

  7. Yes. Resellers are allowed in Augusta but can only do so from 2700ft (approx .5 mile) from ANGC property lines. Prices are all based on supply and demand. Last week, Monday tickets were going for much higher than expected on the morning of due to it being the first fully attended tournament since COVID, Tiger's return, and inclement weather scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Resellers were running out of tickets to sell by 10-11a. In year's past, you could find tickets for $200-300 on the morning. They were going for $500~ this year. Not sure about tournament days, but theyre usually double what the practice rounds go for.

  8. If you didn’t have the buddy’s family for the hook up on accommodations where would you stay? If I win the ticket lottery I’d have no idea where to stay as I’m assuming everything is booked.

  9. I went to college a couple hours north of Augusta. I’ve always said that if I won the lottery my plan would be to stay in Charleston or Athens, make a couple day trip out of it, and drive in whatever day I’m going to the tournament because who cares, it’s Augusta.

  10. There really isn’t much going on in the town. I think your best bet is an air bnb in one of the Augusta/Aiken area.

  11. You will get absolutely taken advantage of if you attempt to stay in Augusta. A hotel that is known to the locals for prostitute rings and meth distribution wa s asking at least 3x their normal rate for a room. Most places are asking a couple hundred a night

  12. I'm planning on winning the ticket lottery next year and this is my big "no freaking clue" section of the trip. There doesn't appear to be anything close by, and there's no way I'm driving after walking around drinking all day. It's there an uber line in the parking lot or anything? Shuttle service?

  13. If was pretty awesome to go see Amen corner. We walked the whole course right when we got there. It was insane how tight the fairways are and how uneven everything is and how difficult the greens look. That goes for just about all of the holes.

  14. Jesus H. Guy attends the frickin Masters and you are having him rank the food ? Rank the hot chicks in the crowd and the golf before food. LOL. AMA. GFYourself

  15. Lol. Most of the girls I saw were way under dressed for the weather and looked miserable. It was really cold Saturday. The golf was amazing.

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