Please help identify this club model for me. Got gifted them and want to read up on them.

  1. There isn't much to read up on these. They are irons from a box set. There isn't going to be much info on them because they are targeted at beginners.

  2. Slazenger is the brand and Black Panther is the model to the best of my knowledge. They've used Panther X, Panther Pro, Royal Panther etc. Slazenger currently use V100/V300 as their latest variant. They're entry level beginners clubs and as someone else mentioned they'll nearly always come as a boxed set. They won't have any great value on the second hand market, but they're more than suitable for a beginner to get out on the course.

  3. Absolutely zero intention of selling. I had a very basic set with hybrid irons (5/6) and (7/8), so I'm just ecstatic to have a full set.

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