Shorter driver shaft

  1. All uncut new shafts are going to star the same length. You tip and butt-trim to length. Why not just cut the shaft on your current club to length? Why spend money on a new shaft to then cut down?

  2. I wanted to be able to switch back if I didn’t like the shorter shaft. Really more of an experiment to see how it changes my driver accuracy.

  3. Every half inch of length you take off is three swing-weight points. So if you want to maintain the feel of the clubhead throughout the swing, you’ll need to add mass to the head.

  4. I cut a 45 inch driver shaft I bought cheap on eBay down to 43 and put a new adapter and grip on it. I don’t even think I lost any distance playing that much shorter, or if I did it was negligible. I still felt more comfortable with the 45 tho because I’m 6’4 and I was really just messing around. But it’s pretty simple to do. If it feels a little light you can put some lead tape on the head. But I doubt you would notice. It’ll prob make it a bit more stiff. Could always buy one stiffness level down, and probably be about the right stiffness after you cut it that much.

  5. Thanks. This is exactly what I was trying to do. Not a huge investment but will give me an idea of how a shorter shaft will perform. I’ll adjust the head weighting a bit if it feels off.

  6. I have taken an inch off my last two drivers. I’ve found negligible distance loss if any. But much much more fairways hit.

  7. If you had a taylormade driver I would “sell” you a decent shaft for a nominal amount. When I got fitted it came with both my fitted shaft and the stock shaft (stiff).

  8. I would imagine it is not so much the length as it is the lie. But I'm not a fitter so I could be wrong. My irons are one degree flat, but If i hit my driver on a standard lie angle it's a like a blind man's firing range.

  9. Lie doesn't matter much on a driver, you're not hitting off the ground. An upright lie might make you hit it a bit left and the opposite for a flat lie.

  10. Get a fitting at a local shop. They will be able to build the club to your specs. Not only the right Length, but your moi and some other specs I forget.

  11. For a few years I played a shorter driver shaft. Around a 43". I'm the same height as you. I felt cutting the shaft that much made it play super stuff and I felt it really difficult to get much distance out of it. Dispersion wasn't bad. I recently went back up to a normal length and it feels a lot better with swing weight and distance. Dispersion is fairly similar. Maybe try out a few lengths and see which one feels the best and which one gives you the best results. You can always get it shortened or extended.

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