Bending a PW to GW specs?

  1. The 9 iron is 43, the PW is keep it balanced, you're gonna wanna go to 51-52*. Getting a fitter to bend a club 4-5 degrees weak is something they may pass on because of how it will stress the metal of the club.

  2. It's at the very upper limit of what I'd consider feasible. An MP iron is pretty pliable, but 4° is gonna be a lot and would add 4° of bounce and reduce offset enough that it may have a slight onset look at address. I wouldn't do it, but if you really wanted to I'd say it's theoretically possible.

  3. I assume it’s because that particular set doesn’t make a gap wedge and you want one from your mp set, not a dedicated wedge?

  4. I've always replaced my set pw with a vokey. And had like a really strong pw can hit up to 135. Idk what it is about set pws but I have never liked them. But damn can that man Bob craft me a wedge. Something has went horribly wrong if I ever have anything other than vokey in my bag.

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