What putter to buy?

  1. I rock a Wilson infinite Buckingham! Super dope putter for the money. Nothing like a milled face for 100 bucks!

  2. I literally just pressed “buy” on this putter (called Bucktown) because I had a discount from work. I couldn’t find any reviews on it from a quick google search, but I figured it was an upgrade from what I’m currently putting with.

  3. I might be an outlier, but the Ping 2021 line (what a creative name) feels so good to me because of how soft they feel off the face. I have a DS72 (think half mallet Rossi style). I don’t know if they make anything that looks as close to a spider putter as that Wilson you are looking at, but they have some larger mallet options.

  4. I too have it on order, scheduled to be delivered in 1-2 days. I can't wait. I've researched as much as I could and concluded this is the biggest bang for the buck out there. The only negative I've read about it is a pinging sound when you putt. For me, this isn't at all a consideration. Whether it feels good and makes 40 ft. putts - that's what makes a difference for me!

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