Is it possible to play more rounds without going broke?

  1. in all seriousness, I got those glow-in-the-dark balls that you prime with an included UV light, and walk my dogs on the course near my house and practice short game and it works just fine

  2. I always laugh when they talk about growing the game with less fortunate folks. Simple fact golf, like skiing is always going to be a sport for financially stable - not necessarily wealthy, but you better have some disposable income. I’m in the same boat. I’m a teacher so we’re comfortable but I can’t golf nearly as much as I’d like to. At around $40 a round it adds up. To many that sounds like nothing but on a middle class income it’s not nothing.

  3. I absolutely agree with you. People talk about making golf more inclusive, which I support entirely. I truly think golf should not only be accessible, but also inviting, to people of all walks of life. The number one way to do that, though, is by lowering the financial barrier to entry.

  4. Right, but it's not as simple as "it should be cheaper". Most smaller courses and munis can hardly stay afloat.

  5. I have noticed recently that the Munis in my area are priced very well. I saw your comment about a $40 round and my jaw dropped. I am fine playing $40 but it better be one of the nicer courses in the area. There are 4 Munis here and they are all $27 for a weekend round. There is a membership option also that is $66 a month with a $30 maintenance fee in November. The membership is unlimited golf at the city courses so as long as you play you get your money back quick.

  6. My local course costs 40/rnd as well. Ended up getting the membership this year, which also give me 10% off food/bevs as well as pro shop items. Was 1200 total after taxes ( they also have payment plans normally ) if I play 30x I've already got my money back. I've gone 5x already and April's not even over yet lol. Course is also 15mins from my house and is actually a good course so even after a long day of work going to play 9 after isn't hard at all. I live in southern Ontario Canada.

  7. Teacher here as well. I sucked it up and put a simulator in the garage after saving for a couple of years. It increased my range time and decreased the amount I spend on golf overall. Long term it won't be as expensive as it was to set up. I can also golf when people sleep.

  8. The only people you should take seriously that say that, are the ones actually doing shit to make the game accessible. For example - promoting projects to turn a portion of a park into a large putting green with balls and putters available to use. Or an honor system payment for a muni pitch and putt.

  9. If you really want to play as much as you possibly can without going broke, you either have to play the crappiest course in your area (even the crappy ones are charging way too much) or work at a course to get the free golf privileges. All the people I know who golf a lot either work at a course or have a lot of disposable income. It will burn a whole in your pocket paying these green fees. But walking 9 twilight is always gonna be your lowest cost option, while weekend morning is going to be your most expensive option.

  10. I opted for a golf pass at a public course (muni). It gives me discounted tee times of $14 during weekdays and weekends after 2 pm plus unlimited range balls. The math works out for me cause I go through enough range balls to pay for the $1400/year cost so the discounts make it even better. Course is in the top 3 of munis in the city, so quality as well, with good practice facilities.

  11. All the people I know that work at golf courses rarely get a chance to play the courses they work at if they’re really nice. And also only get maybe one day off to go play.

  12. I second this see if you can get a part time job at a course and then you can get some rounds in as well. Look for local league they usually have a one time fee to join and play once a week for like 12 weeks. Look for a local Facebook group might have some people in there offering to let a golfer on a private course for free. The best way that I found was to meet locals at the clubhouse and network. I get invited to play in corporate tournaments all the time. I'm usually a ringer for a group but if you're just fun to play rounds with and half way decent they will invite you to charity and other events. Also if your in sales or other industry that requires you to take the clients out to enjoy themselves see if work will pay for a few rounds to network at these more expensive courses. Could be an untapped market for new customers.

  13. That’s my plan when I graduate, we have a club here that’s $120 a month for unlimited rounds/ cart included. Only downside is that it floods a bit when it rains and has a lot of slow play older people.

  14. My solution that works for me: putting together my own simulator setup. You can go from a Garmin R10 or Mevo, a cell phone, and a net all the way to something as nice as a fully outfitted room/garage with GC Quad, projector and impact screen.

  15. Signing up for the pass isn’t a bad idea as well. It pays for itself with $120 worth of $10 monthly coupons and the hot deals get you more points. 100 pts = another $10 coupon.

  16. A lot of public but privately owned courses sell memberships too. If you play a lot it’s worth it. My local course sells yearly for 650.00. Just make a tee time. No monthly charges, no restaurant spend required. Just play.

  17. yea that's what I was thinking, move more of your golf and entertaiment budget to tee times and less on new fancy clubs and balls, etc.

  18. Everywhere I've lived there's been an absolute cow pasture of a par 3/4 course where you can pay like $10 and walk 9 holes. (It might be $15-$20 in the current cost environment.)

  19. Find the cheapest course you can and make that your regular, even if it’s a bit beat up/goat ranchy. It doesn’t matter, at least you’re playing golf and getting out frequently. Then every once in a while play somewhere nicer, to enjoy the scenery and amenities. This is what I do and it works well. Private clubs just don’t make sense unless you’re in the money is no object territory.

  20. This is what I do, I have a membership that is $300 for our a 9 hole course. It’s nice because it has long par 5s, 4s, and 3s. The greens are no where near as good as other courses, but the fairways are nice.

  21. Compare your annual golf spend vs membership cost. Chances are it's not much more expensive, if at all, to join a club with unlimited golf and range time.

  22. Also keep in mind when you compare membership cost - it’s not just dues. It could be, but typically you’ll have food and beverage spending, locker fees, “golf fees”, not to mention initiation. I’ve heard 150-200% dues as a reasonable estimate of actual cost. This is anecdotal obviously, but in my experience with friends who I play with at their clubs.

  23. It's a nice thought, but I'm from the same area as the OP. Private club memberships are simply not an option unless you are in the 1% category of wealth.

  24. Around me the lowest initiation fee is $18K, then it’s another ~$700 a month for dues, fees and mandatory food. And that’s the cheapest club I could find within a reasonable distance from my house.

  25. Have you considered ditching the potential wife and giving up on the house? Live that sweet bachelor golf bro lifestyle you're meant to live.

  26. I am also a teacher and play A LOT during the summer (atleast 3 times a week). Best investment I ever did was purchase a membership from the course I play at. I had been playing in a league there for about 3 years and never paid for the membership. I can only imagine how much money I would have saved if I bought a membership every year. Definitely go in to purchase a membership at whatever course you call "home". Good chance of getting a discounted price if the guys working the course know you.

  27. So you are lucky, any more than 20 rounds and you're saving money. My nearby course charges $1900 for unlimited rounds; I can usually walk on for $21-30, $16 for twilight nine walking. I'd have to play close to 80 rounds to make it worthwhile, and I just don't have that kind of time on my hands yet. If it was a country club with a great, uncrowded course, with other perks, I would happily pay double that. The private courses in my area are outrageously priced and still crowded.

  28. So I’m in the same boat. Sorta no wedding to pay for but relatively the same boat. My wife and I were able to work it out where every paycheck we would put $20-30 in a golf fund. Last year I didn’t get to play much but I built up the fund and we continued to put money in not during the golf season (we live in NH). Between taking a slow year of playing to help build up the fund I was able to get a membership at one of my local course for $1,100. Now I can play as much as I want this year and the wife doesn’t mind as much because I’m not dropping $40 every time.

  29. It’s cheaper to buy a pushcart and walk. Don’t know if that’s a solution for you but I walk about half of my rounds to save money.

  30. I plan on doing this at some point, but I’m new to golf and don’t know my local course well enough yet to walk it. So I figure I’ll pay for the cart until I’m comfortable enough to walk it. That’ll save me $17/round.

  31. Golf is the least efficient sport by far. It’s slow, accommodates a few players at a time, and takes up an enormous amount of land. Plus people are constantly actively damaging the playing surface, you’re subject to daylight and weather, and everyone plays at different speeds.

  32. Oh my man you're screwed....up coming marriage....down payment on a know what comes next right? Children. And they will take up so much of your spare time you probably won't be doing alot of golfing for the next 12 years. Plus the wife will want renovations on the newly acquired home. That's why you see so many old guys golfing. All the above commitments have been taken care of .

  33. Can you possibly work part time at a course? A majority of courses offer free golf to employees and there are nomally multiple jobs availble ranging from outside service, food service and positions on the golf maintenance crew.

  34. Don’t get married. The house will appreciate, the golf you will appreciate, and the wife will rob you of both.

  35. If that’s what you desire I’d say a membership at a lower-mid end private/semi-private clubs is really the only way.

  36. Get a part time job at a course you like. Sacrifice a few hours when you can to help them around the course or shop in exchange for free rounds. That's what I do and we all benefit from it.

  37. Just get a $250k a year work from home job with flexible hours and live on the Monterey peninsula and golf year round. Wife needs time with boyfriend during the day, so plenty of time for golf.

  38. Sometimes on courses I play regularly or with people that have home courses and know the starters or workers, we tell them we’re too drunk to drive home and need to sober up some so they let us play another 9. Play the same course and be friendly sometimes people are understanding but gullible.

  39. I always tell my fiancé and friends that that’s the goal one day. I look forward to eventually being able to join one. Given how much memberships to clubs on Long Island cost, though, I’m a bit of a ways away from that.

  40. Most courses in my area have twilight at 6 or 5. So we pay for 9 at a discount then just play 18. Later in the season it’s a race to finish before dark, but by the time we get back every one has gone home.

  41. Have you looked into public muni memberships? The price might be a lot up front but way cheaper than private clubs. I’m able to get a year long 7 day for 1150 in my area at a pretty decent public course.

  42. Lower your expectations and join a slightly lower than average course you’re still okay with. I joined my local munis, invested in a push cart so I don’t have to pay for a cart, and still have enough to play a nicer course at least once a month

  43. Tee off first in the morning early and pay a replay rate for your second round in the afternoon. Most courses ares significantly cheaper as you’re only paying green fees instead of additional cart fees.

  44. Me and my friends strategically worked at all different courses and got out with one another. Make friends who work at golf courses or are members. The best way

  45. Get a green key if you’re in Suffolk and stick to timber point, Bergen, west Sayville, Indian island. All very walkable and cheap with a green key. If you’re in Nassau I would stick to twilight or maybe leisure pass for Eisenhower? I’m not sure the cost over there. If you’re in NYC, honestly $40-50 prob the best you’ll find to walk unless you want to drive east but after the tolls it’s almost a wash

  46. The most golf I ever played was between college years when I worked over the summer as a cart boy. Best summers ever. Would wake up to be the first on the course and then come back in the afternoon with friends on my days off.

  47. Two summers ago I took Fridays off to go golfing (ouch on the wallet) but this past summer I took Monday's off and was able to play the same courses for $10-$20 less, basically the cart cost saved each time AND less people out.

  48. If Bethpage is near you, douglaston and the NYC munis shouldnt be too far. 9 hole early in the morning goes for about 26 bucks.. 2.5 hrs. Dont think thats too much.

  49. I have a little 9-hole course down the street from my house. It’s a shit hole, but I can make 2-3 laps and spend a few hours playing for $6.50. There’s a nice course a bit further down the road with a nice range and practice area. For $7 I get a large bucket of range balls and can practice on the different pitch and putt practice greens for a couple hours. Not glamorous golf, but still golf.

  50. I will never understand living in a HCOL area but of course I respect anyone that makes the decision to.

  51. It sucks, but golf is for the wealthy. There is a reason it has the stigma around it. If you can't afford it, you cant play. The only other options are play really late so that it is cheaper, get a membership(although it seems you can't afford it yet), or work there part-time to get free golf.

  52. If you have time, get a part time gig at a course in your area. They have jobs for pro shop or cart washing. In college I was a cart washer at a course that didn’t get a ton of business so the work was easy and I could go play some holes whenever I had down time. My boss was very chill and sometimes even went out with me to play. I played upwards of 5 days a week after my classes finished

  53. The only thing I can think of is ask around, sometimes there's a little hole in the wall course that's decent but still affordable and not too far away. That's what I did, old guy I got paired up with mentioned the course he usually plays and sang it's praises. Great 9-hole course only charges $16 for 18 holes twilight rate. Lake Limerick in WA. State for my fellow Washingtonians.

  54. The thing that let me play more than ever before was building a simulator. You can build for “fairly” cheap depending on which launch monitor and setup you go. From there all you would need is a computer and monitor to show you the course.

  55. Early morning weekday rounds. Walk. Practice for free a lot at nice course putting/ chipping greens etc. This is the way I do it.

  56. You mentioned Bethpage so I'm guessing you're on Long Island. I go to Sunken Meadow for first tee Sunday mornings and walk with a group of friends. 9 holes walking is $18. I'd highly recommend it

  57. A lot of courses down here in Florida have summer memberships or Twilight player cards. Ask your local courses if they have this option. For example my favorite local course I play twice a week after work has a card that costs $50 upfront but every round of golf after 3pm until November is only $19. And its one of the better public courses around.

  58. I’m a member at a golf club for $550/month. I’m not rich but I make really good money. Pay off your car, buy an investment property that nets you $500/month and your golf is covered! That’s how I justify it

  59. Play more 9s. I hava kids and work full time. I will only do a few 18s a year. 9s are cheaper and quicker.

  60. Ya green fees have become quite daunting. For me, I try to play 1 round of 18 holes a week or every other week. My job allows up to 10 hours of voluntary overtime per week in the summer so I just do an extra 2 hours and boom, that pays for my round that week.

  61. Check club sites for memberships, is not only private clubs that have memberships. There are 4 courses by me all in one membership, 180 a month gets me unlimited green fees I only have to pay for a cart, but I prefer to walk.

  62. This depends heavily where you live in the northeast. Northern New York has a pile of courses that are under 1000 for a membership and you get to play as many times as you want. If you live in mass or ct not sure if there’s much you can do. Local place to me has 550 membership and I play literally everyday after work from 6 to dark no tee time

  63. Get a job in sales. Find like-minded clients. Seriously, seek them out. You can do business with anyone, they might as well like the same stuff you like. Lots of free golf.

  64. In my area, there's these little coupon/discount code booklets you can buy at, say, PGASS (I'm sure GG or others have em too!)

  65. How old are you? I ask because you may qualify for a junior membership at one of the private clubs. At our country club a junior membership is substantially cheaper and the cutoff age is 36.

  66. Twilight walks at muni are pretty tough to beat. Early back 9 is another cost saver. A friend of mine has a deal at the local course where we tee off in the dark (about 15 minutes before sane people would play) for a reduced rate. If you know anyone at course you like, doesn't hurt to ask if you can head out in the dark for a reduced rate.

  67. I’m live in a low cost of living area so that does help however here are somethings I’ve done to trim down cost:

  68. Twilight golf is the way. Just count on 9 holes. You might be able to get a few more in. But twilight rates are a lot more affordable. You can pick up an extra round for every 2-3 twilight rounds.

  69. Keep an eye out on golfnow and for their hot deals/deal times. Last year I got on to a $170 course for $45 through teeoff because I check fairly regularly.

  70. I have been hiring for a High School JV golf coach for years now. Comes with free golf and a small stipend. Many schools struggle getting golf coaches.

  71. perhaps see about getting a part time gig there you may have to give up weekend mornings or something similar but can usually then golf for free as a perk.

  72. Depending on how much youre planning on playing some courses will have a really good deal on golf memberships that can also be customized to be even cheaper. My home course has options to do unlimited golf from weekdays only (cheapest option) to any day of the week. I also get a discount for being under 30 years old.

  73. Although the golf rounds are expensive, I think the problem is bigger than that. Everything is expensive, and it’s not getting cheaper. Consider moving to a cheaper COL place.

  74. Executive course x twilight rate. Won't work on your driver or woods much, but the iron game will rapidly improve for much cheaper than playing an expensive course once every week or two.

  75. Okay so I am also working on paying for a wedding and saving for a down payment. I sympathize. One thing is, if you want to save money you’re going to have to be willing to play the same course, a lot.

  76. Do you have a collection of golf courses in your area that are associated with one another? For example, where I live there are 3 county forest preserve courses. Typical price of $30-40 per 18 w/ cart. They offer golf passes such as unlimited golf any day or a pass that allows for weekday golf and weekends after 11a for slightly cheaper. These don’t include a cart unfortunately but if you walk then it doesn’t matter. I priced it out and it basically covers about 17 rounds of golf. So if you go over that it’s free. May be worth looking into, but if you can cover the upfront fee and have the time to go, you can come out ahead

  77. Get a job as a starter at a local course. I used to work 2 to 3 shifts a month and play all the golf you want. I know it may not be feasible in every area of the country, but an idea.

  78. Get hired by a big tech company and they will give you a wellness stipend that can be spent on green fees lol

  79. Lots of local munis and public courses have “memberships”. I would call around or ask when you go to play if they offer such services. The muni in my town offers a membership for pretty cheap and it’s all you can play walking and only $10 per 18 riding. Only problem is you are “stuck” playing the same course over and over.

  80. i just pay the yearly membership... that's the basic payment i'll pay on a yearly basis. if it comes down to tournaments then i have to think twice if i want to play one when they cost from 30-80€ or even more if they last a couple of days

  81. Ask around for memberships as others have said, some have twillight passes similar to ski resorts. Also look around and try to find a league. Leagues generally get discounted rates and play at least weekly (as does mine).

  82. Take the money you would use for a down payment and your wedding and use it for your initiation fee at Garden City.

  83. Lots of public courses offer a yearly pass, sort of like having a membership except it's a public course, which wont charge you for food minimums, bag storage, caddy fees. I would look into any sort of mid tier course offering these, they almost always will be less than $2000 a year, which should pay for itself if you are paying $50 a round (40 rounds will even it out, and then any more is effectively "free").

  84. To get some extra golf on every outing, Try playing two balls if you’re not slowing down the group behind you. Or just play the second ball in the area you are trying to improve in.

  85. There are a lot of pretty nice pubic courses around me, but they're all $50+ for a weekday round. I play those occasionally and spend time at the less-than-ideally-maintained courses to even out the bill.

  86. Look for passes. Where I'm at every public course has them ranging from $500 for off peak season to $2200 for unlimited with pool access.

  87. I think the only way to really accomplish this is to get a membership at one of the munis. I paid $1046 for unlimited golf and cart use at my local course.

  88. At my local course it costs $15 to play 9 holes but usually they don’t care if we play 18-27. Just pay for 9 and play 18 ez

  89. When I golf, I walk. This saves like $15/round. I also usually golf in the evenings, when courses often have “twilight rates.” Typically around $15 to play until it’s too dark (sometimes this is 9 holes, sometimes it’s 18 and then some). So I can golf 4x per week for the cost that some people pay to golf once. Between that and playing with used golf clubs, I don’t think golf is very expensive when it comes to hobbies. Certainly, it can be expensive if you make it that way. But compared to other common hobbies like woodworking, audio (playing or listening), cooking, clothes, cars, watches, travel, video games, etc. it really isn’t bad at all. Especially for the amount of time spent entertained.

  90. It's not as good as it used to be but you should check out Groupon for golf deals. Sometimes you can purchase rounds on there at significantly lower rates than at the course and get further discounts with daily Groupon discount codes. Sadly a lot of the deals I used to see for my area have dried up due to the pandemic golf boom but it still might be worth checking out.

  91. Tell your wife the wedding and possibly the house need to wait. Put that money into a dividend stock. Those dividends pay for your extra rounds. Boom. Your fiancee will also probably leave you, thus freeing up even more funds for future rounds! Thank me later.

  92. I’m joining the best shit course in my area (NE metro ATL) - $800/year, $950 if you want unlimited range balls. You walk for free any day all day and pay $1/hole to cart if you want. I mean, can’t beat that and I’ll happily work my 13 handicap ass around an affordable course.

  93. IDK if any other states have this, but Virginia has a VSGA "VIP" membership that you can buy for $60 a year and that gets you usually ~40% off the cost of a round at many public courses. My local course is $50 to ride 18 and with the VIP membership that you can use unlimited times (some are limited offers, but not this club so it's worth checking before you buy the membership), it's $27.

  94. Just hit the practice area and learn a few games, you can even throw a few bucks in a pot every time you practice play and if you reach your goal (make it a good one), cash yourself out for a round.

  95. depending on where you are, if you’re former military or if not make a military friend. Some military courses suck ass, but some are pretty nice. mine is $18 for 18 holes.

  96. Yeah I don't have a lot of recommends for you. I have a card that gives me really reasonable green prices at 5 courses in the area. Paid 150$ and I pay that off in 3 rounds. It's about a 50% discount so weekend green fees are 45$ CAN. About as good as it gets for a place that I can only golf 4/5 months of the year.

  97. Bethpage Yellow and Blue are only $38 per round - correct? Hard to get cheaper than that. Of course you dont have to worry about rushing because every round is 5 hours.

  98. In the twin cities we have 7day member passes for $1300, unlimited play, on high quality public courses. Unfortunately, Minneapolis and St Paul are separate passes. There's various ways to off set the price of playing more and more golf. $60 players card gets you 18holes of quality golf for a discounted rate of 23-27 bucks.

  99. Look for punch cards or local deals. I bought a card through our newspaper for $150 that allowed me to walk 18 at ~20 courses. They weren’t pristine courses and I had to drive a little but it was a lot of fun.

  100. That’s why I now primarily play disc golf. I love golf but i can’t play as often as I want to because I don’t have the money! Disc golf is cheap, often free.

  101. As someone who is also saving for a wedding I feel ya man. I’m in northern Ohio and I can get a seasonal membership for 1800 and that gives me unlimited play at 4 different courses in the local area. I’m pretty new to golf so I’m not sure how good that pricing is exactly but I think it’s on the lower end based on what I’ve seen? I’ve seen some crazy prices on this sub I feel like I’m in a different golf world entirely than on here lol

  102. I haven’t picked up my clubs since my daughters been born as it’s to expensive to justify spending 80-100 bucks a round when we need food at home. Been four years now

  103. Check and call around to local courses - I just found one 10 min from my house that is $9 for 9 holes before 9am. Planning to play 9 Monday / Friday before work.

  104. If you’re near Bethpage you’re not awfully far from Sunken Meadow. State course that I frequent because it is super cheap and in decent condition

  105. Make a trip to Florida in the summer - awesome golf on tons of courses and it’s dirt cheap. 25-50 a round and usually includes lunch. Almost all the private courses have a charity card or summer guest rate Just play in the morning to beat the rains

  106. Just curious how much you're paying. I'm shit and learning and the 18hole par3 I practice at is £6-£7. And a full-size 18 muni is <£20.

  107. Get a membership, I play almost 200 days a year at no additional cost. I’m very fortunate that my course offers excellent facilities though. 200$/month for unlimited grass range and play. Having to pay for a cart also encourages me to exercise to save money.

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