Airplane Travel Tips

  1. Even with a hard case id still take any heads off if you can. Wrap a towel around your clubs so they dont bounce around in flight.

  2. Don't leave expensive gadgets (rangefinder, etc) in your golf bag. I've heard multiple stories about those getting stolen.

  3. If you have a laser range finder, keep with carryon luggage as they’ll make you remove from golf bag when checking in. Remove driver head if possible and wrap irons with towels/socks.

  4. Both of these reply’s and double check your policy w the company your flying so you know roughly how much your going to have to pay and if you can check more than one bag, I went to key west one time and double /triple checked, but got to the airport and was told only one checked bag so then I loaded all my clothes and stuff in my golf bag right there in like and left the suitcase there, ended up having to pay like $200 because then my bag weighed like 160 lbs

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