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  1. A couple weeks ago I was invited to a weekend getaway. The group has been doing this getaway for years but had an opening this year for one guy who couldn't make it. I knew 2 guys (the ones who invited me) of the 12 total. Now I have 11 friends and a standing invitation to play any weekend with the ones who live near me.

  2. just started to smack balls next to a fellow higher handicapper on grass at the range, we both joked how many golf YouTube videos we watched and then come out here and spray all the shots.

  3. Paired with two awesome guys on a recent Phoenix trip who liked to play as fast as me. 3 hour round as the 1st group out before the freezing rain came (ya, I brought Ohio’s bad weather with me) Only people who finished 18 that day.

  4. I’ll give my shout out to the majority of people I’ve been matched up with who make polite greetings at the start of the game and then pretty much leave me alone as I enjoy my 3.75 mile walk.

  5. That's kinda how I roll. Mostly because I don't love small talk and it takes a concerted effort to ask questions like, "So what do you do for a living?". I can converse just fine if they start and I don't mind it. But mostly I only comment on shots, sharing the yardage, and sometimes pointing out hole features and hazards if I'm more familiar with the course.

  6. I was paired with an old guy one time when I was really struggling (duffs, chunks, hozel rockets, you name it). Finally on a medium approach he gave me a handful of simple tips (relax is the only one I remember) and I hit the most pure strike ever to within 3 feet. Of course I couldn't replicate it for the most part, but for one shot he was a god.

  7. 3 years ago I played my first ever round and got paired with two older guys. They were incredibly patient and kind the whole round. Last week I randomly got paired with one of them again and got to tell him how much I appreciated them making my first experience so pleasant.

  8. I have a good time nearly every time I'm out with new people. But I like to talk and can somewhat carry a conversation. One turned bad, someone originally 2, ok with 3 (me), didn't want 4 (another random who caught them). But it was great up to that point.

  9. Gotta admit, you have me scratching my head here. I read the end of that first paragraph 4 times already but I still can’t decipher what it means.

  10. Got paired last year with an older French guy who was in town for work. The absolute best shit talker I’ve ever met. Subtle, dry, not at all mean. Same style as me. Similar skill level to me as well. Had each other laughing all round. It was a hoot.

  11. I play weekdays so I’m often teamed up with retired guys. It’s awesome to be the “kid” in the group when I’m we’ll into my 40’s.

  12. Visiting Phoenix & started playing 9-hole courses for the first time ever. My husband & I were paired up with a nice, older gentleman who needed to finish a few holes from a previous tournament. He was very polite & told us it’d just be 3 holes. We all walked & he was very laidback, especially as I was very new and this was the first time we’d ever been paired up w/a stranger. I learned a lot of positive phrases like “Yep, I’ll take that any day” or “Uh huh, that’s playable”. He seemed to enjoy it as much as us and asked to finish all 9 & it was such a lovely time. We parted ways bc we had to go but it was one of those interactions that was just genuinely nice.

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