Question for you golf nerds out there- What should I use as my 14th club?

  1. The fact you need to ask probably means you don’t really have many gaps that need filling. Usually the answer is someone is short on wedges or hybrids. That doesn’t seem to be you. A few possibilities to consider:

  2. Thanks a lot this was very helpful. I'm working on the driver - recently I managed to get nice distance but I'm not the best. I need to get good at my wood don't want to take shortcuts. I've always hit irons well, need to practice longer clubs for sure. I love the junk club and punch club ideas.

  3. ? I have a pretty decent putter this sounds very personal preference unless you mean I just need a milled putter or something. I'm putting way better with this than I had previously

  4. Thought about suggesting a driving iron for stingers depending on course/conditions. Have you considered a 13.5° 3 wood or mini driver?

  5. I agree; seeing all your carry distances identifes the gaps and where you’d potentially need to slot a club in. Gaps at the top end (for me anyways) are less concerning that gaps in the scoring clubs.

  6. That's a tough one,I don't have it hard calculated by any means but the idea is to balance the loft between clubs and come up with a solution. I can tell you I hit driver about 200-220 and 5 iron about 170-180.

  7. I have a 50 degree wedge and a 46 degree approach wedge. My PW is 42 degrees. Gives me 4 degrees in between each club at that range

  8. Kinda nice to have a fairway finder 3w or utility iron around 13deg if it’s windy or driver is bad but you still want some distance off the tee

  9. After all the advice thats what I'm close to doing haha. I have the old 1-3-4 so a 2 would be nice. Was looking it up tho tonight holy shit there aren't too many driving irons out there..

  10. Nothing wrong with that bag setup. The only thing I'd even consider would be changing the wedge matrix entirely but that's a lot of fussing. But the only thing to tweak that I can se would be going to a 48/52/56/60 wedge setup and adding a wedge. But if you don't mind your wedge gapping now then leave it alone. Just a big jump from a GI PW at 44° to a specialty GW at 50°

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