GPS watch or Rangefinder?

  1. I consider them to be two different tools. I use Grint app for GPS and that gives me distances to F/M/B of the green and a satellite image of the hole and I can move my target around to figure out clubs, where I want to try to aim a drive, etc.

  2. I use both, but rely mostly on my rangefinder. The laser is best for precise to the pin yardages. I use the gps mostly on courses I’m not familiar with to know how far I have to the front and to the back of the green to better gauge where I want to land my approach, or try to land. Either would be fine for a high handicapper though. Find what you like best.

  3. As a high handicapper, gps is probably better, when you get better though the rangefinder is the best. I get the distance to the pin, and if it’s in the back i am more cautious. Front? Know to cover the pin. Back/middle/ front doesn’t tell the whole story.

  4. I prefer the watch. Easy look down at your wrist and get front middle back, can keep track of scores and shots. I have a Garmin S60. I also do have a rangefinder but never comes out of the bag.

  5. Interesting, I’m leaning toward the watch but I’m not sure what it’s like if it’s a muni course or something low key that may not be in the system. Have you ever run into that?

  6. How is the battery life? I use an app on my AppleWatch and find it drains my phone and watch battery pretty quickly.

  7. I use an Apple Watch with the Hole 19 app and it works great. Can look down and easily get Front/Mid/Back yardages and if I need to know something like distance over a hazard, there is a GPS layout of the course on my phone in my bag that I can easily measure any distance with

  8. Yeah I do the same thing with an app called swing u. Honestly so the apps are convenient.

  9. I bought that a few months ago on sale haven't used it yet due to weather. But I don't like wearing a watch and don't want to be on my phone so figured this was the best. Just wonder how long until I leave it on the golf cart after the round!

  10. I use a watch for 90% of my distance checking, but I'm happy to have a rangefinder as well to get exact distances to tucked pins, problematic hazards, etc.

  11. I struggle with club selection when I play because my yardages for different clubs are close. I have both a watch and rangefinder and I like the rangefinder more. The range finder gives the exact number to the pin and I find it easier to choose a club whereas a watch gives front, center,and back of green yardages and I find my self in between clubs depending on pin location. I hope this makes sense and helps!

  12. I have a garmin watch and a rangefinder. Haven’t taken the rangefinder out of the bag for my last 20 or so rounds.

  13. I have and love the Garmin approach S62. I can't be bothered to pick up a rangefinder every time I want a yardage, otherwise rangefinders are cool. But also, rangefinders don't show you where the hazards are.

  14. Garmin makes a rangefinder that shows the hole layout when you look through it. It will also label distances to the hazards.

  15. GPS Watch hands down for me. Folks I play with all have range finders and they default to just asking me what the distance is. Watch is simple to use, glance at watch and get a number vs shoot the pin on your approach shot but get 300 yards because it picked up a tree in the back.

  16. My Golf Buddy clips onto my hat and with the press of a button, audibly announces distance to the pin. It works well because it is easier for me than reading numbers on a small screen. They are around $100.

  17. Small correction and not trying to be a dick but it announces the distance to the middle of the green and if you have a newer model it will give you front and back. Only reason I point this out is because that could be the difference of a club or two on a large green.

  18. Apple Watch or iPhone with the My TaylorMade OnCourse App works pretty good if you want to start messing with something before jumping into spending on GPS tech. I tend to find a rangefinder is easier and less in the way, especially if I'm playing with a group.

  19. I have both and I think it helps me a lot. Knowing the distance to the pin is great (rangefinder), but also knowing the distance to the front and back of the green (gps) is nice. If the pin is not a great distance for a club, knowing the front and back can help with choosing a club.

  20. Watch is an amazing quality of life bonus to golf. I've used one for years and have only recently purchased a range finder to improve on wedge distances ahead of league play.

  21. I love my watch, I have the Samsung Active 2 Golf Edition. My usual playing buddy has a rangefinder but we only use it once in a great while and typically on courses we've never played before. The tradeoff is a getting a less accurate yardage to the pin, I can set it for back, middle or front of the green but most of the time I have no idea where the pin is set unless it's a par 3 or something short. On the plus side I'd rather know the distances to hazards than know where the pin is down to the exact yard, a generalized pin position is fine for me. I can change the visual from satellite to graphic if the sat images are not great. It tracks my yardage when I remember to hit the button and saves all my scorecards so I can see how I did on a previous trip to a particular course.

  22. I really like the Bushnell Phantom 2. F/M/B is good enough for me, as I am also a high handicap. I can mentally adjust for pin placement and elevation. At least as accurately as I can hit ;) I just clip it to my bag, so it is next to me (push cart) when I hit. My friend HC 8.2 who played with me liked it so much (he did it all mentally before) that he bought one after we used mine.

  23. Shotscope V3 wat h with club tags is pretty good and helps track your stats... No need for monthly subscriptions as per other systems.

  24. I really liked it but my Apple Watch caused me some nerve damage in my wrist to the point where I had to stop wearing it entirely.

  25. I had a range finder (free) then bought a watch and compared. For ease I prefer the watch, very simple and I really should not be chasing pin location as I'm not that good. (20 handicap).

  26. I have the garmin s40 for a whole season (2021, played 60 games or so). What its good for is scoring and tracking data of my clubs. If its a straightaway/short hole, i find that its very quick to look at my watch and know how far to hit it. However when the holes get really long with hazards and the dog turns, it is less useful. Maybe the newer models it can tell you what is ahead more visually. But i bought the costco caddytek range finder and thats what i use when the hole is really long.

  27. I used rangefinder for last few years, but got a Garmin watch at the end of last year. I've found that I prefer the watch. At my skill level, it's less pressure to hit it between say 135 and 150 yards vs worrying about hitting it 143 yards. I know it's mental, but golf is a mental game. It's switched my thinking to just land it on the green. It's also takes less time to glance down when I get to my ball and I don't have to worry about forgetting my rangefinder on the ground after I hit (which I have done before). I still carry my rangefinder and occasionally check exact distance when I get close to green, like under 100 yards. I still use my rangefinder quite often at the range to pick out targets, so it's not going to waste.

  28. I use the watch. Been playing for over 30 years. The lasers are too precise and get in my head. The watch gives me all the info I need to knock it close.

  29. I’ve used a garmin fenix 5 for 5 plus years and love it. On any hole I can click down and get ranges to all hazards and when it syncs with my phone post round it has some pretty cool data that you can look at.

  30. I used a Busnell Phantom and it was pleasant enough, but I prefer a rangefinder. From my experience, a GPS app on your phone (or device that requires cellphone signal/location) doesn't really work when you don't have signal. I have been to a few courses where I cannot get the GPS app to work/download the course because of signal. For my home course, it was easy enough to download the course and it worked out fine, not a deal breaker, just required "prep work" that equates for charging/replacing the rangefinder batteries.

  31. I love my laser. It gives me a lot of confidence, and it has helped me hone in on distances. I try and guess before I use the rangefinder, just to see if my eye is correct. I can figure out where I want my miss to be, and I'd rather have exact distances than an estimate (even if my carry distances aren't that precise, I'll round everything at the end).

  32. It might depend on your handicap. I’m a high handicapper so knowing the exact pin placement is not super useful for me, as my shots aren’t super precise. But knowing the start/middle/back of the green with an estimated flag placement is the perfect amount of information for me to select a club. I was using the apps on an iPhone, but found myself waiting for the GPS to adjust, which was annoying. I also rather not look at my phone while playing, and just enjoying the game. So the GPS watch has been perfect.

  33. I use my Apple Watch with the Grint app. I have friends with expensive rangefinders and my watch comes within a yard or two of that. Granted the rangefinder is going to do more than just tell you the distance to the green. Can use it for hazards, laying up, etc.

  34. I like 18Birdies app, just as accurate as my buddys rangefinder and it can factor in slope and wind to give you a pretty decent idea of how the distance will play

  35. Range finder for me, don't want the hassle of having to charge the watch... Does take some practice to get good at hitting flags, but I'd feel lost without it now.

  36. I only use a rangefinder. I like being able to shoot it at obstacles and figure out carry distance such as fairway bunkers back edge or a hill in front of a green that I need to carry.

  37. I have used a GPS watch for the last 5 years and am now completely dependent on it. The rangefinder may be a bit more accurate across all courses but I have found the Bushnell one I use is very good and has helped my game quite a bit. It’s also much faster to look down at your wrist for a quick check. I have gotten very used to hitting my wedges to a specific number so it’s just gives me a little reassurance before I get over the ball.

  38. I used the Grint app on my watch and it would give me incorrect distances pretty frequently. I had a moment 2 months ago where I was playing great and my watch told me I was 135 out, so I hit my 9 iron and it sailed way over the green. After my shot I looked at the watch and it recalibrated to 118. That was enough for me to make the change, I got a rangefinder the next week

  39. I think range finder is better overall. I used to only rock a GPS watch but when I started playing with a friend that used the laser to give me all my distances I felt much more confident in my shot/club selection.

  40. I'd have both if I could, but if I had to pick one, I prefer the versatility of the rangefinder, can zap anything, ball to crest, crest to hole on a blind shot, how far is the tree you want to miss? What about that fairway bunker? I had a watch and didn't use it much, but I use my rangefinder 40 times a round, great tool, especially on holly courses (with slope adjust!)

  41. For more accurate yardages get a rangefinder… get a stick wrap and either put it on the golf cart or stick it also makes a golf bag metal clip thing that clips on to your bag if you are a walker. I got the clip and strap for my brother for Christmas and he loves them

  42. I prefer the range finder with slope capability. Already have an Apple Watch and the grint gives me gps overview of the hole

  43. I have a garmin watch. It is quick and easy. I feel like the rangefinder would slow my down. And I would absolutely lose it

  44. I have been using a rangefinder for 10 years but received a Garmin watch for Christmas 2020. I had been using both for pretty much every shot until this year when i realized i was using the watch by itself more and more. The only issues being - not every course is 100% correct and if a course has had any renovations in the last several years it's possible that the distances or par for the hole will be entirely wrong. That being said, when playing a brand new course without any maps/cart GPS the watch has been a godsend!

  45. I use my rangefinder for most any shot where I am hitting to the green. Quick, easy, and accurate. If I need something else, like a layup spot or to see the hole layout, I use my phone gps (Grint).

  46. Bushnell makes a range finder gps hybrid. I like having both but i use the range finder far more because it can read distances to objects that are not the pin.

  47. I use Arccos and love it. Helps me dial in my clubs. U need to use it a few times tho but works out very well.

  48. I’d say a range finder is pretty useless until you get really good at golf however you want to define that handicap wise. I had one for awhile and it killed more time than it was worth for me. I’m not sure how it is for you locally, but the courses I play have tri colored pins denoting F/M/B so that in combination with GPS is more than sufficient

  49. I’m a high handicapper and I use my Garmin watch. For one it’s just more convenient and two it tracks your shots, distance, and handicap. You have to manually enter your strokes after each hole but it will track your shots to the green when used with the Garmin golf app.

  50. Honestly, dude, if you're a high-handicapper save your money. Use the distances on the stakes or sprinkler heads. You don't need more precision because your shot isn't going to be consistent. Any one of these toys might be fun to have but it won't make you play better. Find a free app if you really don't want to bug your partners.

  51. I found that you can buy an old Samsung Active watch for like $30-40 bucks, and works great with golf-pad , can see distances, and suggested clubs, and can also track shots/clubs.

  52. My dad has a watch, I have a rangefinder. Personally, I would say both. But if I had to pick one, it would be the rangefinder. We went to a place last weekend that had revised their layout during the offseason and my dads Garmin hadn't updated yet so we used only the rangefinder for the entire round

  53. +1 for an Apple Watch and most gps golf apps. Both the Grint and 18Birdies work well for and I get easy distances and scoring on the watch. The free versions of these apps are fine for your purposes.

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