After some inspiration from this sub, I started writing down my club distances after a few range sessions. This should help.

  1. Hahaha for reference, I only got a 56 & 60 some months ago. Before that I would use my pitching wedge for literally every shot inside 110.

  2. It’s not listed here but a gap wedge (~48) fills in that in. The wedge he has listed is most likely a pitching wedge (~44)

  3. Your iron distance is kind of low for a 280yd drive. Or was that 280 a "one off" downhill-wind-at-your-back type of drive?

  4. His iron distances are nearly identical to mine but my drives are anywhere from 240-290(total distance not carry). I just can’t generate much speed with my irons but a driver I can. It’s definitely odd pulling out a 7 iron while most of the people I’m playing with are hitting PW but I’m used to it now

  5. I have similar iron distances with my strata set. Anytime I get a chance to swing a newer club it’s 15-25 further per iron, so it makes sense to me. I also cannot hit the 4 iron for the life of me 😂

  6. Flippy people with modern low-spin drivers get good distance because they're flippy and hit up on it. I think a long driver and short irons is pretty common.

  7. My SS range is typically between 100-109 averaging around 105 and I have probably carried a driver shot 280 4 times in my life. All of those have been down hill with a 15+ mph tail winds on absolute center hits. I have been using GPS tracking on my shots for 3 years now and realizing how far I actually hit probably dropped my HCP 6 strokes. Most people have no clue how far they actually hit

  8. 99/100 are 220. But that one piss missile that went 310 ONCE totally counts towards my range now

  9. Yeah 280 carry is crazy. I went to a shot tracking range last week and was trying my best to get 300 total, but kept getting 299 lol. Anyways that was with a 250-60 Carry and I could not for the life of me extend that

  10. I hit the drive of all drives. Angels with horns came out on both sides of the the ball flight and the clouds parted. I used my little gps dodad and just had to measure that. Turned out to be total distance of 294. Hell of a drive, but it really made me realize that people who can push 310 on the regular are amazing and that I probably really drive 260-270 most the time.

  11. Honestly, that’s my thought. I carry a 50 deg and a 56 and a p-wedge, 56 is out of the sand, 50 is anywhere around 70-100 yards, p-wedge goes up to 125-135

  12. You may want to put distance for carry and total. Hitting a club 150 doesn't help if there's a hazard at 140 and you can only carry it 140 and 10 yards of it is run.

  13. Lmaooo I usually leave my 3-5 irons in the car and play strictly with hybrids. I was at the range and wanted to try everything.

  14. All my irons and putter will carry about the same distance, the woods will roll out a few more yards as the heads tend to bounce and not javelin into the turf like the irons do

  15. I must be an idiot. I can hit my lower irons pretty easily but I can’t do fuck all with a drivers, woods, or seemingly even hybrids.

  16. Wonder if any reddit golf experts can weigh in on why this might be the case. I feel the same. Would have more confidence off the tee with a 3/4 iron than a driver or wood

  17. No negatives on notes you're looking at preshot! Positive thoughts only (take out the duff comment if you use this note on the courses). The brain doesn't like negatives pre shot. Think about where you want to hit it or where it's ok to miss to, not where you don't want to hit it.

  18. Thanks for the tips! I put the comments in more for my own laughter. I've started playing better (and having more fun) adopting the positive mindset you mentioned.

  19. I have trouble getting an accurate reading on driver and fairway woods at the range. Once they get out past 200 I can’t tell did it go 220-250? There’s a trampoline right at 250. Sometimes I think I clear it then I see my ball land in front of it.

  20. This is realistic. I made a comment on an earlier post where people normalized 200+ yards with a 5i. I’m a weekend average everyday joe. If I push it, 165 with my 5i. Glad to see I’m not to from normal.

  21. I think it's time to replace the 3 and 4 iron with hybrids or woods. No use having 2 clubs in the bag that you can't use, especially since 200 yards seems to be a popular par 3 distance.

  22. I feel dumb for asking this but how do you judge these distances? Do you hit a ball and check it with a rangefinder, then rinse and repeat? Or are there ranges that have tracking in the balls like Top Golf and you get the data from that?

  23. I use an app called Arccos that tracks your distances and can act as a smart caddy. has some recurring costs but check it out!

  24. I can hit my driver 260 consistently every time. It just always comes with a 180 degree spray radius tho.

  25. I use a 3 hybrid off the tee and get a similar distance, hit waaaay more fairways that with my driver which is exclusively used on par 5s or where its safe to be on right.

  26. How are you measuring your distance at the range? 280 driver seems kind out of place with your iron distances so you may want to recheck that.

  27. If someone doesn't know how to compress irons, this is very much more common than you would think. I know friends (mostly baseball players it seems) where they are only useful in scrambles for 1 drive out of the entire 18 holes, but that one drive goes 300. Everything else is just not great.. 7 irons flair way out to the right and barely go 150 and 40 yards right etc.

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