My boyfriend loves golf, any ideas for golf related birthday presents

  1. Stuff he already uses and golfers always need more of like free rounds, balls, gloves, nice towels, etc are always good. Avoid the novelty junk like bathroom putting game, golf pens, golf ball ice cubes... Nobody likes those.

  2. Can you please tell this to my wife. Any golf novelty she comes across she buys because she thinks I'll like it. While the thought is sweet and really more important then the gift, I now have a bunch of stuff shoved in a closet I'll never use.

  3. Depends on budget but a cover for driver, cool new balls, or a round at a nice course. My missus got me and a mate 18 at a fancy golf hotel and she went with his partner to the spa there and all had drinks food after. But again budgets

  4. I second the headcover. My wife got me one that looked like our dog from a site where you send in a picture. I lost it, but I loved it

  5. I would appreciate this the most, surely budget is an issue with this as rounds on good golf courses cost. But even some really good golf courses have really good value packages like 1 night 2 greenfees type deals especially in of season. If you can afford that, this is the best.

  6. My gf bought me the golf pass from golf now and it’s been amazing. $100 and you get $10 off a tee time each month, pay no green fees, and you get free cancellation of tee times. Only issue is you have to spend the tee time credit on their “hot deals” which are usually at my least favorite time of day to play 11am - 2pm but it still pays for itself if you golf a lot.

  7. This is the best option. As golf equipment is abit like personal rather give an experience...or maybe golf lessons but he may take that the wrong way lol

  8. This. My wife surprised me on my last birthday. Said not to make plans weeks out cause we were going to be doing something. I had no idea. That day comes, and that something was my best friends showing up to the house to go golfing. Great stuff.

  9. Or any of the junk sets of golf shit that is designed to be sold to non-golfing friends and relatives of golfers. I have gotten so much stupid stuff over the years that is just in a box never to be seen again. There is an entire industry that exists to sell crap to friends of golfers.

  10. Perhaps a pack of the balls he uses, a few new gloves, and a hat. That's what I would like on my birthday 🤣🎉

  11. A lot of good suggestions in here. I didn’t see this one so I will add. A lot of areas have indoor simulators with good food and drinks. You rent the bay by the hour. The one by me is called loft 18 if you want to look at website to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Renting a bay for a few hours for him and friends or him by himself also a solid gift. You can hit practice range and get numbers or you can play simulation of great courses around the world

  12. Give him a blowjob and during it say, “can I play with your balls” then bust out a box of ProV1’s. He’ll never forget.

  13. Everyone will be different. I’m a fan of making your bag display your style. If he doesn’t have head covers, maybe get him a custom one. It doesn’t have to be custom either, tons of amazing stock options for putters, woods, and drivers. The No Laying Up website has some ball bags and valuable bags that are sick. You can find these elsewhere as well. Custom ball markers for the green are always a win as well. A leather yardage book or scorecard with initial or name imprinted. Electric hand warmers if he golfs in the cold.

  14. Schedule a round for him and a guest at a local course. Cooler of his favorite beer morning of, he’ll never forgot this birthday

  15. Can't recommend a Melin hat enough to people. As someone who got tired of ruining hats with sweat stains, their hat lived up to the hype through two Phoenix, AZ Summers.

  16. I feel like that should be the players decision though. Not totally the same, but an addict that doesn't want to go to rehab likely won't get anything out of rehab. If you don't want to be coached, you're gonna be hard to coach

  17. Golf balls will always be a popular gift. Depending on how far away his birthday is, you could always go for a personalised divot tool/ball marker on Etsy. Not too expensive and is a little bit more personal for him, but might take some time to make.

  18. Take him to the course (spa and overnight if you can afford, but you don't need to spend that much) and go with him on the round.

  19. Anyone agree that sending your girl to a golf resort to relax while you play 36 holes and then welcome you back to the room sound like a dream 😆

  20. 100% agree! golf watch or range finder if he doesn’t already have one. This is something he’ll use for every single shot other than putting. It’s a very good investment!

  21. Gift card to a nice place around you. My gf did this for me for our anniversary and it's the best gift I've ever received!

  22. If you have the budget and it's his style you could grt him a golf watch. It's a smart watch that was course map GPS, a score card, measures distance etc. Some models are expensive but the Bushnell ion elite is roughly $200 and a great watch.

  23. Do you have a Top Golf nearby? Surprising him with a trip there, where you can both enjoy his hobby, would be fun. It would also show you're taking an interest (that's if you want to).

  24. My girlfriend recently got me a driver and 3 wood cover for our anniversary from a brand I love - always a nice gift!

  25. I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet. But maybe going to a nice golf course and you can either ride along or if you are down play alongside him. I would love that from my wife and would mean more then any item she could buy me.

  26. How this thread has no caught fire yet is beyond me - everyone just commenting for what they want lol. With that being said, hitting net AND a putting mat.

  27. Don't try to buy him any equipment. Your idea about the luxurious hotel/spa/golf is the correct answer. He will love that.

  28. Go play a round with him ! I recently got my wife into golfing and since we’re playing every Monday together, really enjoying the couple activity to start the week on a good way.

  29. Personalised ball markers, tees, nice round of golf at a smart course, a box of golf balls he uses…loads of gift ideas! My family all say I’m easier to buy presents for since I took up golf! 🤣

  30. Box of good golf balls, ball marker/divot tool. If he likes Video games or sports teams you can get that specific ball marker. Check his fav golf polos and order the same brand in same size, golf hat.

  31. Balls are a great choice, you can never have enough of them. Pro V1's are the fanciest ones. If you know his HCP, you can go to a pro shop and ask, they can help you choose a good ball that also lets you buy more than just a dozen (Pro V1's are expensive).

  32. Lessons are always valuable. If he doesn’t have a coach or a golf shop he frequents, just check out some google reviews. Also consider a rangefinder or any personalized accessories like towel, divot tool, ball marker, etc

  33. Endless opportunities here. I would suggest monogramming something or a custom divot tool or ball marker. That way you make it personal. Get a monogrammed box of his favorite golf balls

  34. If you decide to buy him golf be sure it's not limited to certain days or times, a straight gift card would be ideal. That said a nice quarter zip pullover is hard to beat!!

  35. My girlfriend got me the golfpad TAGS and I love them! Makes keeping track of rounds way easier and I can see in real time how bad I'm playing! Highly recommend!

  36. Personalized golf balls. Sneak a peak in his bag to figure out which ones he plays and you’ll be good. Also, take him golfing. You don’t have to golf, just enjoy the time together.

  37. It can feel risky but as long as you give receipt and make it clear he can return it for something he really wants, it’s a great gift. My wife has nailed it many times and I have things I probably wouldn’t of tried that I can’t live without now. Ping hoofer carry bag, footjoy rain jacket and more. She will goto big box and ask them what is the best/most popular. Also, if you pick a club make it clear he can’t hit it yet and should take it back in to demo or use the money for something else. Putter fitting and enough to get a really nice putter was another great one.

  38. Depending on his level of play, golf balls and gloves! (Check the bigger pockets of his golf bag to see which ones he plays.)

  39. Box of personalized balls that say POTUS on them so people can think they found the presidents balls when he launches them into the woods

  40. My wife got me an old iron club bottle opener as a small birthday gift and I loved it. Not to expensive and was really thoughtful.

  41. Ask him what his handicap is, if he says more than 10 get him a lesson at the local course and a round of golf with a caddie. Even better if the caddie is the lesson instructor and willing to walk the course with him to give pointers.

  42. I had a girlfriend set up a scramble with all of my friends as a surprise. It was at a cheap course ($25-30) and she paid for everyone's (12 people) round. That was a much more fun day then playing the nicest course around by yourself.

  43. Some things that could come handy, A regrip kit, I enjoy regripping my clubs, a round of golf, good balls. Practice sessions, or lessons, rain gear, indoor outing mat, chipping net and rubber balls.

  44. Titleist ProV 1 ball are usually a safe bet. They are expensive. Around $55 a dozen. Kind of like the Godiva of golf balls. I believe they will customize them for free from their website. You can make them embarrassing 😳

  45. Take him to the hotel and golf spa. The memories will be way batter than anything you could buy him.

  46. I was thinking this, I will try and get some cheap small gifts to open but it’s a bonus that it’s not only a night away but it’s personalised to his favourite hobby

  47. You could get him custom balls. Find what ball he uses and you can order them from a company that will put a custom logo of text on them.

  48. Look up stripebird magnetic bag clip and towel clip! It’s fun, will last forever, and wildly convenient. He can use it with whatever towel he has now or can get a new one and use the clip with that. One of my favorite golf accessories and I’ll be gifting it to my dad and father in law this Christmas

  49. A set of lessons with a local pro would be my suggestion. No idea how good your boyfriend is, but everyone has something in their game that could use some work.

  50. The most amazing thing my wife could get me golf related is a club head cover, towel, divot tool or something else to hang on my bag or have with me

  51. Look in his bag and see what kind of golf ball he plays - golf balls are always a great gift, same goes for golf gloves. Gift cards for rounds of golf at a nice course would be a good one too.

  52. The most desired gift of most golfer’s is permission from her. Gift certificate for golf, or what you suggested. Maybe a gift certificate for a round of drinks with his buddies after a round.

  53. Does he have a putting mat or golf net? Sometimes the best golf gifts are not directly related to a round of golf but general practice/improvements devices...

  54. My girlfriend got me a golf bag rack for my birthday one year. It can hold two bags and has shelves and hooks for all my extra clothes, balls, shoes, and hats. It helps organize everything so well in the garage.

  55. You could let him go pick out some new golf shoes if his are old. They’re one of those things you never think of upgrading but make a huge difference.

  56. you can get drinking glasses online with gold balls in the glass, with his name or whatever engraved on them.

  57. My wife added up how much I spent on golf a few years back (10 years) and then just bought me a membership. Ultimately saved us money annually. Best gift ever. Best game improvement purchase. Guilt free golf.

  58. This golf brush is pretty nice, but only useful if you don't play on courses with carts that have club washers:

  59. I’m actually going to come with him! I wouldn’t usually but for his birthday it’ll be nice to go round with him.

  60. This applies to buying for anyone's hobby. Get a high quality version of something low value, rather than a low quality version of something high value. It will more likely be better than what they currently have and will use it regularly.

  61. Do you think he'd like to play with you if you were into golf? For me personally, that'd be the best present. Ask him to teach you to play.

  62. Can never have too many golf balls. Head cover. A round at a nice course. Depending on budget and if he doesn’t have one a range finder is always helpful. I once got a golf towel with my name stitched on it. Loved that.

  63. I would recommend a Scotty cameron putter which can be quite steep at 600 but a really nice gift. Other than that maybe a custom bag or something?

  64. My gf just got me two small leather clad golfing notepads. I assume she found em on Etsy, I love them and use them every round. Every page has a grid that you just scribble in your stats as you play.

  65. Golf is kinda specific for me. I’d say to keep it short and sweet. A gift card to his favorite store, maybe a box of pro-v’s or his favorite ball company. Buying a round at a slightly pricey place that he may otherwise not go to.. I’m sure he’d appreciate anything from you :)

  66. If he’s ever expressed interest in taking you golfing, then buy a round at literally any local course and just ride in the cart with him - if he offers to have you do the putting, take him up on it. (pro birthday move - bring a cooler with homemade snacks)

  67. Just be careful if you buy him a round of golf and hope to walk/ride in the cart with him. Some golf courses to not allow anyone on the course if they're not actively golfing.

  68. Typical advice for any hobby gifting is to not get them any equipment. Golf, fishing, cars, guns, whatever it is, you’ll never know exactly what they want/need as it’s always super specific. Trips to a course or fun accessories work great!

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