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  1. Honestly this kind of thing was exactly my problem with this whole "contest." They asked the Mythical beasts for cool items with cool stories, and then get something cool from a Mythical beast with a cool story, and it ends up second fiddle to a bass from a famous musician who didn't even know who they were, and who doesn't even play that bass. (No offense to Teddy Gentry, I am a fan and it was very cool of him to do)

  2. I couldn’t believe it when they said they actually got the bass. It’s a personal cool story for the mythical beast that had that connection. However, I feel sooooo bad for Eddy. The theme for a sword to be on a mythical set? Immaculate. I hope somehow he and a crew member sees us.

  3. See that’s the thing. The whole point of this was for people to send things to be put on the wall. Everyone who sent a suggestion sent it with the idea that it could be put on the wall for everyone to see. Instead they chose the bass and put the fan item somewhere else. Could they not have put the bass somewhere else so the sword would be where everyone expected it to be?

  4. I thought it was alright, someone close to Teddy is a mythical beast. I wanna see the boys make a stone prop for it to sit in though, I think that would be cooler, one that Link can't just grab it from and start waving it at Rhett 😂.

  5. Teddy clearly had 0 idea what was going on, had no idea who they were and the inscription made it even more clear there was no understanding of any of what they do. So embarrassing for them

  6. Yep. Putting the sword behind the couch was a huge slap in the face. If any of the crew are lurking, I hope they see this thread and have the sword displayed in a better place.

  7. They could have easily put the sword next to the bass guitar. It’s not even visible. I would be super disappointed that I gave up such a memorable piece from my deceased parent only for it to be plopped out of view in lieu of some random bass from a group who didn’t even address it properly.

  8. Given the current supreme court abortion stuff, the C-section bit felt in poor taste to me. And I felt the handling of the pregnancy jokes was flippant.

  9. What more did the Stevie thing happen in? I’ve missed all this and I’m so out of the loop hahahah

  10. Eddy’s face definitely dropped when he saw the placement of it. And wtf link - that c section joke? He has just finished apologising to Stevie for being inappropriate and then he makes that joke.. massive face palm

  11. I totally agree that the placement for the sword was disappointing but i don't really see what was so bad about the joke? It's not like it was directed at anyone

  12. Disagree, Eddie was just neutral about it from what I saw in the video. I think he was just happy to be on, but those interactions are always somewhat awkward anyway. I think too many people are projecting their own emotions onto what happened, Eddie didn't seem to be upset about it to me. And why should he be? This was a voluntary thing, you can't make demands about where it ends up going.

  13. What happened with Stevie? I watched the new more and he was apologising, did he say she was pregnant or something? What episode was it?

  14. you could just see the look of disappointment on eddy’s face when they put his dad’s sword behind the couch. it made my heart hurt. i really hope they reconsider the placement. there’s more places that the sword could be displayed so it’s not hidden behind link every episode

  15. It was a dick move TBH. The story behind the sword was so heartfelt and meaningful and they just...stuck it behind the couch. And then Link flinging it around like a nutter was really disrespectful. The last couple of weeks I was thinking he's a lot calmer thanks to the meds and then today happened.

  16. Did he start taking new meds? I don't watch every More and might have missed them talking about this

  17. The sword deserves to go in that spot. The contest was for mythical beasts and teddy gentry is not a mythical beast. Pretty dumb

  18. The contest was for the set not for fans, Rhett and Link are people too and clearly they’re fans of Alabama can’t you all just let them be happy that they got some cool set pieces and they got to meet one of the people they look up to.

  19. I knew this damn “contest” was a bad idea from the start, I just didn’t know it would end this badly. They really made a big deal about “help us replace the thing on the wall” as a community effort and then they have a famous person scribble on a guitar. Hell, the “real” winner didn’t even get a spotlight on GMM proper, he got relegated to More (which let’s be honest, there’s a big drop off in viewers). It really felt like a “let’s look at a famous thing and let’s shove our community into the literal background”

  20. As someone who actively avoid twitter, I didn't knew about those tweets but gosh, you're right they succeeded in screwed it even worse. They surely need to have a chat with their PR and SMM team as this is pretty bad all over the place, and not a single person in their team tough about what they were doing?

  21. He has said that he hates doing the Tokyo thing, but almost seemed like he was about to do it right as Link started yelling and spazzing out with the sword.

  22. That's pretty presumptuous to assume that Rhett would would just randomly do it. They always do it in an edited style where they put a border and sound as well, but GMMore is typically unedited. I just think it's funny all of the commenters here are basically saying "Dance monkey dance!" to Rhett just because someone says Tokyo, lol. It's not a funny joke if someone forces it anyway. And also, Rhett doesn't randomly start yelling "whaaaa" in real life when someone says Tokyo. GMM is a scripted show and I feel like people forget that.

  23. Because random can be super cringe like that. The dude is so obsessed with two internet celebrities that he is simultaneously willing to blindly send them some of his most prized possessions, but he also sees them as trick ponies that have to entertain him at a moments whim. It's like yelling out for a celebrity to do their catchphrase on the street It's dehumanizing and unhealthy.

  24. I think what’s a smack in the face is that Eddy sent it with the idea it was going to be put on the wall. Instead it’s put behind a couch. I do think it’s a bit more visible than the wall because Rhett often covers the guitar but that’s not the point.

  25. Exactly this! He sent the sword in believing that it would hang predominantly on the wall because that's what Rhett and Link told fans. They didn't say, "...unless something cooler from a celebrity comes in."

  26. While obscuring most of the sword seems counterproductive to the story of it all…it’s actually still in a better place than the bass guitar. Hear me out! Throughout the rest of the More, I can’t help but notice the hilt of the sword over Link’s shoulder. Its most prominent feature is often visible in the background. The bass was blocked by Rhett for a lot of the More. It may change, it may not, but I actually don’t know if there’d be a better place.

  27. This is my thoughts as well but it still annoys me how they did it. If they did the sword first and then said “look what else we’ve got!” it would be a different story. But it felt like they wanted the guitar there more than the sword

  28. I think this is a really good point! But I also felt like link was trying to turn his body and make sure he showed it, so I’m curious to see what it’s like in the future.

  29. Once they put that bass up you couldn’t even tell it was blue anymore, and it’s such a bright colour, but it just fades into the shadows. Also there are two other guitars on the set already.

  30. Idk it personally feels like people are getting a bit over offended about nothing... They put it behind the couch for a reason - so it has a 'sword in the stone/couch mythology around it. You can totally see the top of it, and given that its more central than the guitar, which is often obscured by Rhett, its actually just as visible.

  31. The reason I’m so bothered by it is the whole point of the contest was for an item from a fan to be hung on the wall. Eddy sent the sword, that obviously has sentimental value for him, with the intention it would be on the wall. Not behind a couch.

  32. The number of people overreacting to this is the real cringe. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill - the dude got his item featured on the set and got to chat to the dudes. The sword looks cool sticking out from behind the couch and it makes way more sense than sticking it on the wall.

  33. Yeah I was thinking at least if it was leaning on the other side of the couch it wouldn't blend straight into the wall :( .

  34. Thank you for saying something. I thought the same thing that the placement was missing some heart GMM usually shows the beasts. Maybe they will move it.

  35. Me too! It looked like they placed it in an umbrella rack in the corner. It needs a ceremonious, high tech spot. It needs to be upright as if it were the sword in the stone. Art and tech department get on it.

  36. yea, i felt second hand embarrassment the whole time. they could have at least put it on the support post right next to the sword.

  37. yea, i felt second hand embarrassment the whole time. they could have at least put it on the support post right next to the guitar.

  38. Sending your sentimental items owned by your late father to your favorite YouTubers in order to facetime them and get it placed on a wall is also distasteful.

  39. Yeah you could really feel the shift in everyone's tone once they realized link was waving this sacred family sword around like a child maniac making awful sounds and coupled with a pretty violent c section joke.... I'm usually not one to comment or anything but that was definitely a wierd scenario and whether Link was just in joke mode or not that probably wasn't he best time to be behaving like that.

  40. This entire "contest" was a terrible idea. If they wanted a guitar for the set, they should've specifically asked for one instead of leaving it open-ended as a fan-submitted personal item. The guitar was obviously what they were hoping for.

  41. They did specifically ask for a guitar. They specifically asked for a bass guitar from the bass player of Alabama. I feel like people are forgetting that?

  42. Eddy thinks it's fine to send his prized, sentimental objects across the country to a random strangers YouTube channel on the off chance for clout and to see and item he owned on the wall.

  43. They definitely need to move the sword, and I get that he donated it from his father who passed, but the sword didn't even have a real connection to him, his dad basically saw it and was " that's cool, I'll buy it." It's not like it was something he had that was passed down for generations or anything. But again, the sword definitely needs a more prominent place, as that was the point of the "contest".

  44. I never ever once have been disappointed with Rhett or Link in my over 8 years of watching! I can see why they would replace a bass with another bass because it feels formal, but that’s not what the contest was for. I like to think they talked to Eddy before hand and maybe it isn’t as insensitive as we think it may have been.

  45. Could you link to Devin's comment?? I don't have a Twitter account so I can't easily search for it. I'm surprised he would publicly say something.

  46. It was funny how they got the bass after all that talk and joking. But I agree about the sword. That back corner is so dark, so it's not even visible. The whole sword in the stone thing is funny, but I think it deserves a better spot. If the couch wasn't there, maybe they could have put a fake rock for the sword to be placed it. Maybe they could brighten up the back more. I feel bad for Eddy because it was a nice story because now for the next, however many years Rhett and Link do YouTube, he gets to see it almost every day. Now it's shoved in a dark corner. Plus the summer set will be out soon or now if they are taping ahead, so what's going to happen to the sword then?

  47. What made me cringe the most in the episode is when Eddy tried to do the Tokyo thing with Rhett and they just acted like nothing happened.

  48. Hopefully I won't be downvote too much but I can't help but remember R&L back in the days of Thursday mail, and think if this sword would have been gifted to them back then, they would have found a better placement.

  49. Honestly Eddy didn't look that thrilled about it. Especially when Link was just absentmindedly waving around something that had a lot of sentimental value. I felt pretty embarrassed for him.

  50. it’s impossible that they haven’t seen the comments about it by now on the video itself and all social media. they’ll move it to a better spot for sure.

  51. I haven’t been able to watch recently but watched this one based on these comments. Sped ahead to the sword. I’m guessing the placement looks a lot cooler in person and maybe they didn’t see just how much it blends into the background on camera.

  52. The sword is 80% hidden and almost blends in exactly with the background wall. How did R&L think that behind the couch was a good spot? It's like they brainstormed where to put it for like 30 seconds and just went with the first place that came to mind...

  53. I love Link, but I think he may need an additional diagnosis because he was off his rocker today lol, he gives veeery undiagnosed neurospicy vibes like how I used to be. And Rhett couldn't have done a little Tokyo??

  54. One thing I think may play a role here is that YouTube is a fickle company. GMM may be hesitant to have a “weapon” prominently displayed in their background. I’ve seen plenty of other YouTubers censor words or avoid topics that displease the algorithm.

  55. so many comments on this post have said the same thing and i cant agree more. in the last month or so i’ve actually closed out of multiple mores bc the secondhand embarrassment gets to be too much! idk what’s going on but it feels like it’s happening more than it used to. he makes the whole atmosphere so uncomfortable sometimes 😭

  56. They really should get a better place for it, it's such a nice item with a very fun story from a true mythical beast. There is definitely some place on the walls for it too.

  57. Yeah I agree…tbh I think they should’ve taken down one of the other two guitars and placed the sword in its spot.

  58. Kind of in line w the sword and the handling of it, Am I the only one that’s ready for Links “no sharp objects” shtick to be retired? Or do you think it’s not a a shtick?

  59. I think he’s genuinely clumsy and should not be given sharp objects. The bit of giving him sharp objects to see what he does, most definitely should stop. There’s no way every time is an act…right? It seems too chaotic.

  60. I agree the placement leaves a little to be desired, but lemme play devils advocate. Didn’t they say from the start they wanted Ted Gentry’s bass? Of course they’re gonna take it, and then on top of that they still took another mythical beasts item to display. While still important, the swords meaning is mostly personal to the owner’s family, while the bass is a part of music history now hanging on their set. Maybe the placement could be more prominent, but I don’t believe they disrespected anyone and I’m certainly not surprised they chose Ted Gentry’s bass as the main replacement. They always wanted another bass, especially his.

  61. I agree with you 100 percent, I believe that it should go on the wall next to the bass guitar so it's not hidden.

  62. Okay good I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that. It’s literally just behind a couch next to a fan, like it’s in storage, like they don’t have plenty of open wall space to hang a thin object like that… you can barely see it back there! Why not hang the bass next to the other guitars on the wall above where the sword is and put the sword in its rightful place?

  63. Dang I didn't see the video yet and the surprise was spoiled! Oh well thats what I get for not watching everyday

  64. The sword wasn't even that cool or interesting... The guys dad just bought it, it's not like he forged it himself or was given it from some movie set or king of a country. It was literally just, "that's cool, I'll buy that".

  65. They probably didn’t get a lot of good submissions because people had a hard time with the donation in the first place. They wanted something sentimental with a cool story, but they just wanted it given away. No payment, and it’s gone forever for that mythical beast. I don’t think a lot of people are willing to give up those pieces. There’s been a couple Reddit posts talking about it, so that’s why I think that could’ve been the case.

  66. See, I’ve been reading this and two sides have been formed, one agreeing with op, one not really agreeing. Idk about y’all, I see both! Link shouldn’t have played around with it, and it deserves a better place on the set but also the other side to it makes sense too! If It was of great sentimental value to Eddy would it not have been better to keep it himself, and get a replica to send in? I do hope that in the future they acknowledge this, and correct their misstep or at the least they learn from it! Hope what I said helps y’all to see both sides,

  67. Even if they said it doesn’t apply anymore, I’d be devastated if I got the chance to do a Tokyo bit with Rhett, and he didn’t do it back

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