How best to do the defeat Oni challenge? Which mission has many onis apart from NMS and Survival?

  1. The fastest method of killing oni is to kill the tethered brutes in the beginning of severed hearts. Just kill one and wait for the other to respawn. Its the fastest method, because you get kills consistently without the risk of dying. (remember that its on gold and that you can stagger brutes before they get to attack you) I actually use that method for like half the modifiers. The only downsides are, that you wont get any other loot and that you might have to restart the mission one or two times, because you only get the "tethered brute" modifier in 1 out of 3 runs. Just make sure to not activate matchmaking.

  2. Sorry for my ignorance I’m still learning, but when you say Brutes, are these “Oni”? Isn’t the OP asking about killing Oni? I thought they were different things. Loving this version of the game and want to learn all there is 🙏🏻

  3. Faster method is to load into a gold mission with dogs and kill the 5 or 6 dogs in the starting area, then die and repeat until ur out of continues. I did this with the second (Curse of Onibaba) and second to last mission (Tides of Battle).

  4. The easiest way is to do Wave 0 of Nightmare Survival a few times. Should take you two or three runs maximum. Other than that each Gold Story has modifiers where it can spawn a certain type of Oni (Brutes, Archers) or have specific Oni as part of the mission (i.e. Tengu).

  5. I was going to say the same about running Nightmare Survival solo. Whenever I have a challenge that involves Oni, I just jump into NMS solo until I'm done with my challenge

  6. Rivals is a 10 minute match with lots of Oni, as a bonus you can complete the match and get the rewards instead of quitting in Survival or staying till the end is 20+ minutes.

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