This game is balanced. Especially the Hunter Class.

  1. I’d say the only thing that’s unbalanced at the moment (in my opinion) is the disgusting level or RNG in rerolls/loot.

  2. I’ve been so lucky with my re-rolls it’s honestly comical. I do agree with you though! However, there still needs to be a level of difficulty with it though to help with replay ability.

  3. It could be that 8M copies were sold and so the player pool has all levels of skill and theories of what the game should offer.

  4. That without a doubt plays a roll in this. The people who I’ve seen call for those nerfs though seem to have been playing the game for awhile though.

  5. I agree with you. Any class can be deadly if used right. I think a lot of the “nerf the hunter” talk is frustration. With the right build a hunter can wipe a whole point with an explosive arrow and fire master on Gold and leave only a few left over with a follow-up ultimate on NM level. This can be really frustrating if you’re looking for melee combat and your teammates are spamming bombs, explosive arrows and ultimate all over the place.

  6. Same issue with people arguing about reload cancel, just leave it be lmao. I think some people just hold a grudge against the hunter from the earlier days of legends, when hunter was always at the top and ssb was overpowered. I’ve run into selfish, kill hungry hunters, but they don’t sour the whole class in my experience.

  7. I think that all the classes are rather close to one another in a sense that each class is capable of clearing a wave. However the balance issue in legends is clear that melee is extremely underpowered. The classes ultimately mostly play the same when played to any degree of effectiveness. There are practically 3 Ronin. Ronin with fire sword. Ronin with disappear. And Ronin. Hunter ironically is the only class the incentivizes playing in a way that is unique and distinct in survival.

  8. Solid arguments. I feel bombers and Skipping Stone Hunters gain far too much resolve compared to the melee and assassinations/critical strikes counterparts. Bombing takes the least amount of skill followed by archery because these options are safe at a distance or close up with a smoke bomb dispensed making head shots very easy. I personally don't use auto aim because it makes me dizzy with the snapping but I do know friends and speed runners who use it and say it makes getting the head shots or building resolve very easy. I don't doubt this because I play all classes and I find scoring head shots to be easy even without aim assist. The major imbalance lies in close combat vs ranged combat as the latter beats out the former in 'many cases' including resolve gain, damage per second, and safety. Doing melee and assassinations/critical strikes require more skill, thought, patience, and effort because you are actively parrying, dodging, attacking and you must choose carefully which target to assassinate to avoid animations that will leave you vulnerable to orbs, hwachas, and devastating Oni attacks.

  9. SP just needs to look at rebalancing resolve gains. Lowering ranged resolve gains and increasing melee resolve gains. As it is now there is no reason for hunter to use melee when she can gain massive resolve via headshots. Range resolve gains are so massive compared to melee resolve gains all non-hunter characters are mainly using ranged tools and melee weapons are an afterthought.

  10. I think so too. Except aim assist makes me dizzy so I don't use it. But head shots paired with reload cancel animation is broken. There really isn't much work involved but you generate resolve so fast that it is absurd. The resolve gain for this tactic will come right behind bombing mindlessly.

  11. I'll die with you bro, and I play both hunter and use weightless spirit in other classes, and I abuse this mechanic all the time. A slight resolve penalty for underdrawn shots balance it. It's not such a major thing. Bow users will still be able to do a ton of damage and gain a ton of resolve from power shots.

  12. There does not have to be major nerfing of Hunter BUT the game will never be well balanced and Hunter will always be overpowered until Sucker Punch finally addresses the fundamental issue—-ranged weapons can always do more damage and generate more resolve faster (from a safe distance with less risk) than any kind of melee/assassination attack. It is absurd to say the current situation is balanced. Just look at the NMS leaderboard since the beginning of the game—you always have Hunters and bombers (first Ronin now Samurai) dominating. If Sucker Punch values the health of the game, this must be addressed at least to some degree. The best solution which would not be too punitive is a reduction in ALL ranged weapon resolve gain. Some reduction in ranged damage specifically and only for ranged aoe attacks might also be a good idea. Even with such changes Hunters would remain extremely powerful/effective.

  13. You and ComprehensiveOne spitting facts my brotha my friends online are also saying the same tings but they are scared of downvotes so choosing to remain quiet.closed mouths dont get fed tho.y'all want hunter nerfs just speak yo mind.we want an even playing field for all players and classes and right now there is no equality

  14. Okay so the fastest NMSV solo clear for hunter in the world is 28 minutes. Fastest ronin clear in the world is 37 minutes. Fastest samurai clear in the world is 38 minutes and fastest assassin clear in the world is 40 minutes. These WR times were all done on the same map and modifier as well. So tell me how is this game balanced when the hunter is capable of clearing solo 10 or more minutes faster than the other 3 and she is the only one capable of achieving a perfect solo run with all zones and objectives? You really think this is balanced? This is the perfect example of imbalance in a solo play setting. Anyone who thinks this game is balanced clearly must not play all the classes.

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