Best Fire Samurai Build Post Nerf! Lets Discuss !

  1. The best for fire damage imo has caltrops deep bags and fire. Add duration to the spirit kunai and duration to the caltrops. Then you don't need cooldown on kill because kunai resets your abilities faster.

  2. Ive played that build its good. Im just had enough of basing classes around Spirit Kunai. Alot of my other build rely to heavily on it.

  3. Been playing Samurai as my main for a long time. I had to go back to the drawing board after the Samurai nerf a couple months back. As well as the nerf of Bottle of Liquid Courage.

  4. Why not aim for both burning blade and WotF on the katana? At least then it’s an option. Plus I think the major benefit of WotF is that attacks can’t be blocked. Which makes the water katana easier to use on spear enemies.

  5. I run a similar build, I still need to reroll for cooldown reduction... I agree Gourd with Sudden resolve works almost as good as BoLC and I agree with you on the WotF animation, that annoys me as well.

  6. Best fire samurai build? I mean how does it compare to the current meta samurai build. Basically just spamming bombs and abilities

  7. This build is kitted to maximize the damage, duration, and cool down of Raging Flame and Fire Damage in general. Its uses everything the bomb spam uses except the smoke bomb with munitions. In this build bombs are an option not a necessity.

  8. This is basically what I run except I use kunai. I, too, prefer burning blade. With water katanas attack you're bound to get it to proc more often than not against an oni

  9. Best is debatable. Losing on damage stats on your katana. I'd definitely drop the ability reduction. Go with SK with double stacked GWD on the kunai and charm. Also SED is better than fire damage if you wanna run that on your charm and the melee stagger has little to no synergy on your charm. Really not much of a point to stagger enemies unless using the legendary stone striker katana for high damage (staggered) HS attacks. Also if running fire samurai BP bombs are a huge part of that fire damage and resolve gains so running smoke with munitions is far more valuable than any gourd.

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