Sugarus sight needs an ammo capacity buff!

  1. Ran with it for a while with scavenger and munitions on smoke and it was pretty good since I don’t have great aim with skipping stone bow. A buff to 20 arrows would probably be enough but SSB with reload cancel and headshot refund is just better.

  2. Right. Currently it holds the same amount of arrows as the SSB, and less flaming arrows. Couple that with the fact that it doesn't have headshot refund... It's absurd. It deals less damage per standard shot, and you only get 5 triple shots.

  3. Yeah, it needs a bit more than just a quiver buff tbh. I find the triple headshot lock-on slow af. You can work around it by turning off aim assist, popping smoke up close, then aiming above their heads with the triple and it lands but... Sheeeeeeit.. So much extra effort to make it feasible compared to even the WS, let alone the SSB. Sugaru's is like the hipster bow that refuses to fit in. Definitely needs some love or a rework on the perk

  4. I find it's decent if AND ONLY IF you use it as a secondary weapon. It's decent for a melee focused class when you want to land a triple headshot on that last pesky Oni Lord or help with the headshot challenge.

  5. I run it with headshot + ranged damage, the same on my charm, and the 50% headshot perk and it hits very hard on a triple shot against a single enemy.

  6. I go with Resolve reload, gives you 4 arrows, with a lot of resolve gain you will get a full bar with 3 headshots, but I also go with the Bottle of Liquid Courage just in case.

  7. Sugarus bow is trash. Get a ws or ssb. Save the sugar to recycle them for the challenge. Thats all they good for.

  8. I'm talking about changes that may actually make it usable. I have WS and SSB and I still use sugaru for story missions sometimes. God forbid I want a little more variety in my builds.

  9. Possible controversial opinion, but the WS doesn't seem that great to me. Maybe if you're targeting enemies from a thousand feet away it'd be better but the majority of the enemies are going to be with 100-400 feet away from you from my experience and the arrows don't drop that much. It depends on the level a bit but think about that third survival lesson which is a fortress- the hunter can do amazingly well by climbing on the walls surrounding each section but you're only twenty feet off of the ground so you're going to be shooting enemies 100-200 feet away tops.

  10. Is it the best bow. Definitely not but it's not useless. I've soloed NMSV with it. You just need the right build to make it work and it worked for me very well. I ran executioner and the ammo refill tech that uses resolve( no hunter ultimate). It packs a punch even without ulti. Sry I don't have a pic of the build anymore.

  11. If that bow was able to get headshot refund it’d be by far the most broken weapon in the game. Highly doubt it’ll ever be good because they’ll never give it that perk. A bow that auto aims to the head, and shoots 3 shots at once, that has headshot refund meaning essentially you’ll never run out of ammo since it auto tracks to heads. You’d easily be able to solo any mode on any difficulty.

  12. Did you even read my post? Headshot refund doesn't apply to specialty ammo. The triple shot wouldn't/shouldn't count.

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