How can sucker punch make the samurai more viable in plat7 mode?

  1. My strong recommendation is that Sucker Punch introduce at least one new Difficulty Modifier option as an alternative to Shared Wounds. For melee focused players, and just in general for all of us, it would be awesome to have variations on the Plat7 experience so it is not Shared Wounds all the time. Shared Wounds presents a great team challenge and is great to have as an option too but it does very much alter how one might play the game and really impacts melee.

  2. Samurai doesnt need buffs, him (and assassin) being harder to use in hell mode is largely a result of shared wounds, not because hes a bad class. All the top teams in NMS still use 3 samurais, so I think thats a good indication.


  4. Unfortunately Samurai ultimates puts him at a disadvantage in plat7. Ultimate launch has a slight delay, and while you are using it at the start you can get hit by arrows or spearmen causing rest of the team damage. Especially if you are hit by fire arrows, for the entire 4 -5 sec duration of 5 strike ult the entire team suffers from the damage samurai took. Sometimes ending animation takes too long and you can get hit by hwachas or oni shield spearmen launch attack, bringing everyone health to zero or get stuck in the eyes. No matter how good you are with samurai, shared wound doesn’t work well with samurai ult based playstyle due to it animation taking too long. Bomb spam is a viable option though but better to use assassin as their ultimate can be controlled

  5. As i have said before, rework the healing parry kill skill, and make it so samurais can perfect parry and only perfect parry red phisical unblockables attacks. The main problem in Hell mode for melee characters is the nasty tracking of attacks and the weird timing for dodges, plus the double tag team enemies pull of. Since most enemies are oni, their attacks cannot be blocked. So giving at least a chance to perfect parry those attacks seens reasonable, instead of accept your fate of being squished or smashed.

  6. Solo.. so shared wounds does nothing.. in all other games the samuari is fine, but the other 3 team members are dead.

  7. Give Samurai buffs to help beat a hidden challenge only hardcore players attempt...I don't know about this. I think Samurai already has the tools like weightless spirit to beat this without even using his ult.

  8. Hell mode without shared wounds is too easy in my opinion. There is a difference between getting hidden heart and completing hell mode. I agree getting hidden heart is not easy but completing hell mode with melee class(Sam/sin) is not that difficult.

  9. After maxing out all the classes, I feel like every class is perfectly suited for hell mode. The hardest part is avoiding damage. This relates to the players game awareness and decision making. Every class can put out enough damage to handle the mobs.

  10. Can't say I agree. I have an even spread of all classes being rank 200+ and my samurai and assassin are over rank 300. It very much seems to favor ronin and hunter the most.

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