Better Voice Emotes

  1. Help is useful when you get caught in an eye of iyo and needs to be quick access becauae there is only a small window before the player dies, for alot of those the ping should work(if people actually paid attention).

  2. I fully support this idea and have been preaching this for awhile. "Let's Go" for some reason immediately pisses me off when people use it, partially my fault for possibly taking it the wrong way neverthelesss still drives me insane & feel like there are a lot better quick chat responses that would benefit us all & propose our rank is shown above with our Ki Level as well so you know there's a much higher chance that person knows what they're doing. My Ronin is over 450 Rank & Hunter is at 385 so people trying to get pushy with me like i don't know what's going on gets old very fast

  3. "Let's go" is very useful in raids when people are lost and have no clue where to go. It gives everyone a reminder to head towards the direction of the ping.

  4. 2 is already in the game. You just ping to the area that’s being overtaken. #3 won’t really help you. I mean, you can’t prohibit randos from coming to the area even if you know you can clear it by yourself. I do like the idea of being able to say the colors when doing raids!

  5. "Let's go" is very useful if you win a round, get out of a fucked up situation, or see someone clears a challenge. Other than that....

  6. Slightly off topic but the assassin's English voice commands are hilarious, especially his various "help" one's. And the sounds he makes when swinging the katana seem so overkill compared to the other ghosts 🤣

  7. Has to be what the Sam says "assist me!". Can be used in so many of these situations that can be pointed out with ping.

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