Does enjo’s remorse take the spot of spirit kunai on the meta Hunter build?

  1. Probably not one right answer for “meta”, but I don’t think the patch necessarily changed what works for Hunter. Enjo’s is good if you are good at not getting hit, meanwhile I still find SSB and SK to still be a good combo and prefer not to use Enjo’s. It’s pretty much up to preference.

  2. There's a YouTuber I follow and he's rocking 3 legendaries. He's basically turned his class ability into an ult with how OP it is. And the SK more or less brings the cooldown back down with how he times the kills after the explosive arrow. Heres the build if your interested.

  3. No sure what is the meta, because different builds are good for different modes. But I think SSB with Executioner is still probably stronger than Enjo's build for clearing waves in nms.

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