Poison Blade Vs Burning Blade

  1. WoTF and Poison Blade is what you want if you are using a poison build assassin. I'd also lose the Bottle of Liquid courage for a smoke bomb and choose the +30% assassin damage in stead of having two legendarys. I could be wrong but I swear that technique effects your ultimate damage somehow. Get good with headshots with the blowgun and you won't have any trouble getting resolve and use munitions on the smoke bomb.

  2. This is what you want mentioned above. Poison and WOTF. Poison for added stagger and SEDamage. WOTF for taking down spearman that try block your attacks.

  3. Burning blade does more damage if you are running fire master on the charm but doesn't affect stagger. Both are viable options for assassin, I use both on my masamune's edge.

  4. Poison blade for stagger. WoTF for breaking though guards. BOLC is not very good for a poison build. Instead, demon seeds with deep bags and fired up can weaken enemies for spirit kunai kills, to get your toxic vanish faster.

  5. I prefer poison blade and burning blade on water katana for SAD build. They proc very often after a few hits then I can move on to a different oni.

  6. Personally I run both burning blade and poison blade but I can’t speak to the assassin part. I just run it on my samurai and ronin. With a masters katana, does wonders honestly

  7. Poison Blade has more base Damage (2.5 for poison blade. 1.5 for burning blade) and staggers. If you are running nightshade I almost always advocate for it.

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