Chain Vanish

  1. You could avoid running with the group , if you dont know the waves or playing in platinum , you can guess & anticipate the 2nd wave and wipe it at your own pace , thats what i do if there’s hunters in the group and I’m running toxic assassin

  2. I sometimes do this with hysteria as my 2nd perk on my charm. Vanish sneak in assassinate 2 or 3 weaker enemies then watch the onis go crazy and kill each other.

  3. Generally I prefer to use only one chain vanish(two vanishes total) to lower the enemies and then use my spirit kunai to help reset the cooldown. Three vanishes takes much longer and will kill most of the mongols that I want to use my kunai on.

  4. I haven’t run it, mostly because there’s other good option in that tech section. 5 strike ult is good for you have an ultimate property oh your charm or katana, or the overshadowed more powerful ult strikes.

  5. 5 strike ult is not ideal for me as I like to weaken oni before ult. I can bring 3 oni to low health with overshadowed and follow with toxic vanish. Or I can bring 3 oni to mid level health and use double chain vanish to melt all of them if they have low hp mongol around them.

  6. It all depends on how you play it. I used to run a triple chain vanish SED build which absolutely wrecked, however, I switched over to a double vanish via charm with five stroke ult and now I always have my ultimate and can wipe entire waves with just the poison vanish. All depends on timing. If you can, waiting for when the mongols get in the zone is the best way to wipe a wave.

  7. Id recommend running one CV and then spec in the overshadowed tech. To me, you should be SK-ing the weaker enemies after a Chain and then after you have enough resolve, ultimate to weaken purple onis or whatever. The SK should almost be back after that and then you can kunai them too.

  8. I've had it for a long time. Gave it up for 5 strikes ult with spirit kunai and bottle of liquid. I can pop my ult whenever needed and you can consider it a stealth attack. Plus u can select your targets, teleport and be invulnerable to a lot of things

  9. Should only have 1 legendary to begin with. You’re giving up stealth damage on an assassin for the second legendary and you want to give up another assassin trait to have a gimmick 3rd legendary.

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