Some good news for Steath purist assasins

  1. You could also use deadly nightshade with two status effect buffs and double oni damage. One headshot with a poison dart will make tengus and oni shieldman one shot and if you couple that with a weakening dart, you can one shot oni brutes. This is with just 75% SAD so then you're free to equip another legendary/whatever other skill you want from the first row.

  2. One poison dart with nightshade equipped is 2.8 - 3.5 bars worth of damage compared to 3 bars damage from opportunist on the same tech slot, does not require SAD and you can shoot more at any time when required. Put 2 status properties on your blowgun and it goes to ~5 bars which is close to opportunist + 2 staggered damage, all without the necessary requirement on staggering nor the small window to do it

  3. But thats just the basic/everyone use poison build. This is just some info to show that at last the elusive red onis can be killed by just one stealth attack with full health, something that stealth purist have seeking to achieve since the beguinning of legends.

  4. Pure SAD requires perfect timing and damage calculation in hell mode which makes it not a very good option imo. Often times stuck in long animation trying to assassinate archer oni flying away and ended up in the eye or targeted by the fire spirits.

  5. Have you already tested 105% SAD plus 20% Oni Damage? On my main build I run 80% SAD and 20% Oni and I can one shot assassinate red Oni archers with it….

  6. Yeah, with regular 105% SAD plus 10% oni damage oni archers goes down with 1 SA. It was the only red oni variant that was inside the 1 hit kill basket of enemies.

  7. I’m sorry I’m new but what is SAD? Stealth Attack Damage? And how did you make the Oni damage +20%? I thought the maximum Oni damage is only +10%?

  8. I’d honestly just sacrifice having a good ult for the super assassination 100%. Still use double legendary and run poison. You would still get heaps of stealth kills especially all the bigger oni as the poison should help build resolve. With a few SEDurations, SAD or staggered/oni damage you should reach much more than the total you have especially for bigger targets to use resolve. The small targets won’t need the extra 100% as the poison/SEDuration will put them right down.

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