Is it just me or does nobody but me bother with the explosive barrels in survival?

  1. I use them religiously . I've developed a strategy and also avoids idiots blowing them up on me . I try to set them up at choke points than ambush by blowing the barrels , hit them with spirit kunai than use vanish and stealth kill and pop a smoke bomb . By that point the wave is cleared or my abilities and weapons are back and repeat . It's alot of fun doing it like this lol

  2. It's those teammates who quietly set them up which eventually prove to be useful especially when you're reaching to a capture point but enemies are already there.

  3. ya barrels are definitely underutilized. They are also ag reat way to gain extra resolve for melee classes like Sam (setup barrel, throw sticky, activate Ultimate, sticky explodes with barrel = get more resolve back while doing ult)

  4. I to this day do the same thing when in survival. Because of how alot of random players are they won't stay near a point and defend, they just run around hog spawns and well die mostly. What I do is take a barrel and put it in the center of the point so when it's being captured I don't have to rush as much because fire damage is a beautiful thing 🥺 hit the barrel and come up in the point and slay. Didn't realize how much it actually helped.

  5. Funniest thing is, I saw someone earlier doing this and I literally did the same and OMG, I crushed it with 134 kills. Would have been more, but my game was glitching out and I couldn't see the barrels at times and the Samurai on my team got a couple of them.

  6. I find more likely people will just be assholes and blow them up right after you set them up, after that I just forget about it

  7. One time I tried to heal a teammate with forbidden medicine.. I was an idiot not to notice they were carrying a barrel. I felt so bad afterwards.

  8. You tend to forget that a vast amount of new players entered the game not too long ago. They’re still getting used to the mechanics of the game, that and generally the tutorials that you have to complete before actually playing the game are so insufficient.

  9. Agreed. Also I use poison vanish to drop the barrel into a thick group of enemies and shoot it with a dart.

  10. I tend not to use them most of the time because I am trying to unlock the second perk to get to level 120 for my gear. I used them earlier in my playtroughs but not much anymore.

  11. I am at 120 with all characters and I have never used the barrels before. I sometimes see people use them and appreciate it, but I’ve never really seen it make a significant difference in my experience. Even on Nightmare I tend to prefer preparing for the next wave by moving to the spawn point, which generally has been more helpful.

  12. Barrels are a weird one. The damage stacks massively and 3 or 4 can wipe a wave on nightmare. Problem is once you're 120ki and specc'd out, you don't need them.

  13. If I remember sure, but among all the other things going on in survival it's just never high up on my priorities list. I run hunter mainly though so if someone else sets them up I am definitely waiting to blow them up at the right time.

  14. They definitely help and I use them, but they are not 'necessary' and a lot of folks will try to not use them for a challenge.

  15. I never use more than one because there's a limited quantity of them and they do so much damage that it's kind of a waste to use more than one at a time. There's no reason not to use them so in quiet moments I begin to set them in strategic locations like a checkpoint or a chokepoint like a doorway. Like the other user said it can be discouraging because 90% of people ignore the barrels until you put them in a good place and then they're like oh cool, free barrel just to get a bunch of kills. I don't care if it's needed but a lot of players just use them quick before someone else can but then they never set them up.

  16. Not many people use it in survival unless aiming for specific objectives. Platinum survival though? It's almost a must have.

  17. Same. I’m running around collecting barrels while most people are standing idly waiting for the next wave… But I think they give us this time to prepare between waves just so we can strategize, like using barrels at chokepoints.

  18. I second this. I also feel like nobody bothers to ping a healing drum to notify other players in need of healing before smashing it?

  19. I’ll admit I forget the marker thing exists sometimes unless I’m playing a hunter given I’m using the ranged weapoj more then to point at things

  20. I've never seen someone pick one up. Insanely useful for clearing out a huge group when your team is late to a node.

  21. Too much hassle to use da barrels, they don’t do that much damage after all. Enemies that would die because of them, it’s better to kill them and farm resolve out of them. Enemies that don’t die, baarely take any damage from the fire.

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