build help for a ronin?

  1. Didnt think of this one earlier but ow I'm contemplating whether I should do incense duration or ghost health offered, with my Cure All skill would health offered actually be better?

  2. Cure all will only work if you gain health (by active healing)as well. If you are full health, no heal will be passed to rest of group. If you are using a mostly heal build, suggest having extra resolve for ult if needed in consecutive use, or quick regen for healing boost to yourself to enable quicker recovery if hit while patching folk up.

  3. Cure all has become way more popular recently because of Hell Mode, but it is contingent on your health being low, so if you're getting hit a lot, I'd say go for it. It makes a lot of sense in hell mode because anyone getting hit means you're getting hit. If you're not taking damage, then I'd run something else in that slot for NMSV or below.

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