Healing bear conundrum

  1. Vanilla healing bear is not very useful, since its aura is quite small. The Spirt bear with 100% healing radious for the other part, is objetively superior to the healing pot in all aspects.

  2. Having used healing spirit bear, it can be a mixed bag as to its usefulness. In regards to healing, it slightly worse than incense, but the tradeoff is the spirit assist. As the bear moves to enemies, it takes the healing aura with it, so unless a enemy is close to you, it can run away from you so unless you are as aggressive, incense or ult might be a safer healing option. Bears can be nice when they throw a enemy away from you and have decent attack power. They also stay on the field if you are downed (hwatcha grazed me, but bear kept the enemy off the zone with grabs).

  3. The bear is very unpredictable and is best with boosted healing radius, otherwise, you have to stick very close.

  4. At this point I've given up on the Ronin Ult and just gone for the extra Legendary slot technique + 50% GWD + Healing. Kicks ass with the Healing Spirit Bear and Stone Striker or Heavenly Rebuke + Spirit Kunai

  5. just rolled this exact build last night, pretty damn fun. it didn't feel as powerful as my normal build but I ended up with a ton of kills which was surprising, having the execute feels really good.

  6. If I were you I'd def go healybear, is it the best spec, no. Is it really fun, yes. I'd pair it with spirit kunai, multiple bears feels great. One pro to this build is you can hold a point a bit more easily.

  7. Some great answers, thanks. Rolled my charm with 100% radius increase last night. Have SK with cool down on kill aswell. Managed to get 2 bears out on Plat survival last night, great fun. Any other Healy bear Ronins interested in joining forces and seeing how many we can get out at once?

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