fire build attempt ?

  1. Hmm... a fire build. You can do it but I wouldn't recommend it since every other class can do it better than the assassin.

  2. Yeah I have like 2 different toxic builds for assassin , o especially a meta the other is a hybrid , I was just tempting to do a fire build but yes it just doesn't work that great sadly

  3. I think it's better you go for a 'status effect build' since you're using blowgun and toxic vanish. Roll wotf and poison blade for katana. Assassin charm with toxic vanish radius, status effect damage, fire master to chain vanish. Also use spirit kunai for faster cooldown. That's a pretty solid build.

  4. Yeah thats what I have already on a previous build , this was just a little experiment. I've pretty much played with alot of builds for assassin except fire , just using fire perks is something I havnt tried yet.

  5. Well I was just messing around , I already had these stats on a different build . Just wanted to see what others thought . I have spirit k and forbidden but I wanted to try out a few different things.

  6. This is a sore subject.. I've been back and forth with this sort of build. I didn't want him to play like a Ronin and be another bomb spammer. Personally, instead of concentrating on fire damage, I went for 2 stacks of SE damage and 2 stacks of SE duration instead.

  7. Yeah thats kind of what I'm leaving towards I was just thinking a fire assassin would be so fun but I can see the weakness with it . I'm definitely gonna have to go hybrid with poison , and yes I have mist of yagata but I can already see the lack of healing and concealment causing me to die and not be as effective.

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