1. Uuuuh I run a toxic stealth damage build with hysteria and smoke bombs The toxic allows u to kill thinks easily, the smoke bomb let's u get more assassinations and u can put in some skills that revolves around resolve gain to get ur ult back faster.

  2. I have one of the most fun assassin builds and it’s very simple and geared towards hitting as hard and as often with your ult. I’ll post it later tonight when I get back from the gym. Heads up though you’re gonna need Masamunes edge and Forbidden medicine :)

  3. Try a pure stealth build. Its a very specialiced build, and highly demanding on skill and combat awarenes, but is probably the most fun and the most rewarding experience. I have been using mine since release non stop. Is not the most flashy and at the beguinning it looks like a bit lackluster, but when you click it, man it is a non stop stealth attack vicious circle one after the other. For the other part, It relies on your magma bomb, smoke and chain vanish, so ultimate is not your main way to attack.

  4. Here’s my: Ult Spam, Highroll, Stealthy Assassin build. The idea here is to build resolve with bomb pack and Kunai, and assassinations, ult 5 beefcakes and see if you one shot any, rinse and repeat. Munitions + lucky ensure infinite supply of bombs and resolve for continuous ults.

  5. I run WS and SK as legendsries and basic smoke, perks are stealth damage and CD reduction, WS is like blowgun with infinitely ammo as lonh as you land headshots which are easy with this bow, 8 headshots is like seconds after seconds ult is ready, parry, swordplay etc speeds up resolve gain whenever enemies are too close, in cause i need to charge it at all, combined with vanish, ultimate and smoke iam most of time invisible to the enemies, does not matter 7M platinum or nightmare are kinda easy for me with this build.

  6. I like using Heavenly Sting, the legendary blowgun, and Spirit Kunai so running two pieces of legendary gear and using the technique that causes poison damage to lower health. I also use the technique which causes 30% more assassination damage and on my weapon perks I use two stealth boosts and I think it's three 20% more assassination damage and 10% more melee damage and 10% more oni damage I think it is. So I can hit most of the strongest oni with one or two poison darts and then assassinate them.

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