1. if you’re playing assassin and not using it with Deadly Nightshade then idk why you’re playing assassin really, you’re just a worse hunter and samurai in one

  2. I've seen this pattern before when I was part of Destiny discord / Reddit groups. It normally happened when there was a content drought. The number of posts would start to decline, so someone would stir shit up and everyone would start talking again (for a bit.)

  3. I can still get real busy with the weightless… I may not be the leader in kills but I guarantee it’ll soften up enemies a ton to help the run go smooth……

  4. This is pretty funny. However, I posit that melee is not as useless as we all gripe about. You just have to be twice as vigilant about incoming damage, and hyper aggressive. I almost barely break the 200 kill mark on my samurai, on which I only use a purple bow. But I’d say 7 times out of 10 I still have the most kills, and even several times on a team with multiple hunters.

  5. I actually use Samurai class with WS often. I can help chip away health from a distance, and when they start closing in, I use raging flame. I have a Samurai charm with Fire Master 25% + 12% so I can melt crowds.

  6. I only use my Sammy, and 90% of my kills come from melee. I'm fairly certain the only reason I don't top on on kills a lot is because I don't spawn camp, I just wait at the defensive point itself. Not to say that I could beat out every shooty boi, sometimes I can't even compete with the way some can wipe waves. I think people just sleep on Sammy's and the skillet needed to maximize your output

  7. I know maybe this is somewhat "debate able" but since bomb pack black powder bomb nerf don't we need to revert back 6 concussion bomb on other class back to 12?

  8. Poor Katana! UWU I forgor... Slappy pappy sharp and tacky. Whack them with the pointy end and watch them uguu~. You know they like it when their red syrup comes out!

  9. Skipping stone bow and Weightless spirit. Both legendary bows, with one clearly outperforming the other.. But which is it, dear reader?!

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