My Hunter's Fire build (Great for Plat and NMS, have not tried Plat7 yet)...Hunter mains, what do you guys run?

  1. For plat7, I run a smoke with munitions and lucky. And SK to help the smoke cooldown, but def could see a sticky working too. Because most people use smoke a lot, it’s better to run shield piercing. You’re going to have a lot of enemies with their shields up to their faces. Lastly, I’d change out melee resolve gain for something else. I have perfect parry window.

  2. I definitely need to get a Smoke Bomb for my Hunter, you're right on that. All my other classes have a leveled-up SB besides her. I will work on that. I don't really need shield piercing only because I already know how to hit headshots with shieldmen. I discovered a trick on how to do that and it works 90% of the time for me (I don't use Ranged Velocity as you can see, or Aim Assist for that reason). Switching Melee Resolve to Perfect Parry seems kinda risky to me. It makes sense to do that with a Samurai, but I don't see the benefits of doing that with a Hunter, UNLESS most of your kills are going to be Melee kills. It depends on your playstyle. When I'm playing Hunter I'm using all of my arrows until I run out and keeping my distance. I get some Melee kills if necessary, but I don't get as much.

  3. I use smoke bomb with munitions and sudden resolve. For katana, I’m not sure I’d use melee resolve gain - hunters really shouldn’t be meleeing much and I’d rather have more DPS in this slot. For sticky bomb, consider blast radius instead of ghost weapon damage - it beefs up the explosive arrow ability if you’re using that. However I really enjoy spirit kunai instead.

  4. To this day, (and it's just me) I do not like the spirit kunai, that's my least favorite ghost weapon in the whole game. I was never a fan of it. But switching out ghost weapon damage for blast radius is interesting because I did not know it would beef up my explosive arrow.

  5. There's a reason Spirit Kunai is the meta now and I use it despite hating it. With explosive arrow you can easily get 2 or more kills with SK which will get you your explosive back before getting to the next wave. At 70% fire damage you can do this pretty consistently.

  6. Smoke, spirit kunai, katana ult dmg change into skill CD, drag speed change into range dmg. Smoke -explosive arrow-several kunai-everything melt

  7. If you want to keep the sticky bomb over SK, then get blast radius and increased radius on the sticky bomb. It affects the EB

  8. Assassinating as a hunter will get you killed in plat7 with the hwachas and eyes. Id change that tech with 100% draw and reload speed for 30 secs to another legendary slot (for SK) or headshot 50% within X distance. I’d also go for cooldown on kill for the sticky. Gets Back more often.. and the 20% Gwd on a sticky isnt that useful unless you need mastery challenge kills for that specific gw. Additionally you’ll want increased radius, because the resolve gain becomes insane if you can clump waves together and then sticky on them. Alternatively, you could do cd reduction 15% and cd red on kill 4s for the sticky because of the plat7 modifier tool shortage, which makes cooldowns longer. Reload speed 20% is pretty much useless if you’re good with reload cancel. Otherwise thats a pretty much perfect SSB roll. Draw speed imo is great because it allows you to reach max headshot dmg quicker, and allows you more dps. I’d probably go ranged dmg 12% and the draw sp 20%, but if you like reload go for it. Charm is pretty much perfect. Unless you’re focusing fire though.. go ult dmg 20%. I can see why fire dmg is useful because of the expl arrow. If you really want off meta and support the team as a hunter, run restorative rhythm. Its great healing. Imo everyone in a squad should be running at least one source of healing and a smoke bomb because of shared wounds, empowered foes, and aggressive foes. Like with the sticky, its also a good idea to run a stagger.. like bomb pack with flash bombs (more for ronin than anyone else) or the staggering arrow with hunter.

  9. Ok, to start off..... changing one of my techs to 100% draw speed and reload is interesting. I don't really need to have my class ability cooldown decreased by 15% for one of my techs, but it does come in clutch sometimes when you least expect it that's why I've had it equipped for so long. But, it goes back to the point of using that tech that only lasts for 30 seconds. I feel like that's too short and may not be as helpful but it is an idea that I will experiment with. I'm leaning more towards increased headshot damage by 50% technique for dealing with Oni enemies up close as I'm more attuned to getting headshots quite often (I'm not calling myself the master of headshots, but I am pretty decent).

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