World's first perfect NMS solo without any exploits/cancels (Ronin)

  1. Noob raises hand : question question for the arguing about the moon sword cancel verse the way of the flame cancel. Isn't the moon sword cancel an infinite high damage cancel?

  2. Indeed it is. It offers an endless spam of the attack with no kill animation to slow it down. It offers very high DPS. It gains resolve very fast as compared to a stone striker which costs resolve to use HS. It staggers enemies insanely well and fast. It also gives the player super armor properties. It also doesn't break vanish for assassin. It offers many advantages that other stances do not and it's basically a cheese tactic.

  3. Appreciate that Dracios. It really does perform well. Fantastic sword. I found the "terrify" feature when killing enemies with a HS a highly useful tool when fighting at spawns to prevent/stop enemies that get by from continuing to reach a zone. Paired with enjos the damage is really quite nice at full health too.

  4. Incredible achievement my friend! Once again showing how you are overall the most impressive and skilled player in the community imho.

  5. I never know about wotf cancel but what he did at 2:20 deffinitly give him an adventage and looked too flawless to be unintentional the way he was runing to the guy and started hiting him was like he know he wont have wotf animation to slow him down. I still enjoyed watching your no mmc run op.

  6. Shame on you for that wotf cancellation 🤣🤣🤣🤣 gotta do it again bro and careful not to go assasin and using that cancel on the assassin vanish when you use kunai🤣

  7. Bahahahaha man some of these kids in the comments are something else!🤣 Shame on me. Could have never pulled it off without whatever the heck wotf cancel is. Oh and don't tell them about the teabag cancel! Game changer! Bro people on the internet these days are something else.

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