What enemy do you hate dying to the most?

  1. it's worse when the blinders are invi, two quick stabs when you're low in hp is just absolutely frustrating

  2. Shaman with their buff plus aggresive foes. Shamams are not dangerous per se, but their magic plus aggresive foes cause a lot of artificial bullshit. Every enemy turns into olimpic ice skaters, sliding towards you ,and its quite infuriating.

  3. Yeah and when you kill them but they still managed to grab you and they are dead on the ground but you continue to get flailed around in that animation still.

  4. My first thought was Tengu, but then I remembered those damn bears. Here’s a couple horror stories. First was my buddy d/c on round 14 of plat survival (Hunter) and I reinv very fast but someone had filled the slot. Come round 15 there is 1 bear left and us 4 samurai rush it with katanas. No one noticed we were 1 hp and the bear killed all 4 of us in one hit… lately I was doing NMS with my friends who are new to the game and on round 15 I got bit by a bear in the center of the point on the cliff on blood in the snow. I literally joked on comms that the real damage comes when they throw you into fire spirits (which was the modifier) and low and behold, he threw me all the way off the cliff and the fire spirits shot me as I flew off. We ended up losing the point when all my friends tried to save me. Lol. Fk those bears.

  5. The weakest mongol archers. Normally they are so weak that you are not even aware of, but sometimes they can shoot an arrow to you instantly or as soon as your ult animation ends.

  6. When i pop my Ronin Ult to heal everyone only to be shot by Oni Archers and die due to the huge wall of fire that forms up below me.

  7. The Big tan oni are the bane of my fucking existence. The bastards always see to kill me out of a smoke bomb or poison vanish. Shit is so annoying. Like they should be able to track u if you're invisible.

  8. The only enemies I struggle with are the bombers and the Oni Lord. The Oni Lord does a basic sword attack (no glint) that I can't see or hear coming, and same is true of the bomber. Their little stab isn't telegraphed well and it's frustrating to predict. Neither of them are really a problem, if you know how to handle them. But those are my frustrations

  9. If a fire spirit (hwacha) counts as an enemy, then definitely a fire spirit! I can't count how many times that piece of machine ruined my HH attempt. 2nd one should be oni archer and bear

  10. Having to deal with multiple tengu in something like blood in the snow is for sure extremely annoying, but I find if you run in a circle around them the crows will never hit you; also because the parry window is pretty generous in legends if they poke or swipe with their spear and you parry them, it stops the crows for a bit.

  11. My problem is that with one if you have space it's fine, but with two or three you get hit anyway. But mainly it's less the tengu that is the problem. It's the five other enemies I'm trying to dea with while getting to the tengu to shut it down.

  12. I don't mind the Tengu because you know what you're getting into with them. It's the regular archers that bother me the most. They seem to know when you're at critical health and never miss when you're distracted by something else or simply trying to jump.

  13. Yeah, you are running, jump from a roof to a slackline, to a tower and then jump again and he hits you dead on. The terminator doesn't have aim tracking like that.

  14. I don’t like the Tengu . However the most annoying to me are the bomb throwers with the flash bombs . You can’t see a damn thing if you don’t have Shoguns equipped .

  15. I dislike dealing with 2 or more Tengus. I hate two or more Purple Oni Lords on Aggressive Foes Modifier, since they can do their Super Tracking Slam all the at same time... Makes it practically impossible to dodge.

  16. I 'll start having nightmares with regular archers, of all enemies, it seems. Those dudes just look so unassuming, but thats just to trick the eyes of the uninitiated.

  17. Bears tossing you out of the circle into hwarcha, getting a purple oni lord slam inside smoke and dying from a brutes earthquake attack even though you either killed him or staggered him and the animation continues.

  18. When they work together to down you. i swear once a bear grabbed and toss me into an oni brute's aoe attack, followed by a oni spearlord slam attack

  19. All the enemies. It’s made me use the Master Katana so I could stagger them with all the stances. Oni Brutes, Oni Spear shield, Tengu, and the multi sword shield spear user, specifically for those three mainly. I’m glad I swapped to parry arrows samurai

  20. Tops is easily when I’m already lying there bleeding out and a helpful ally comes to res only to be dragged away kicking and screaming by a bear.

  21. I HATE dying to those dickh3ads with the two ended Spears with blades attached. The big guys that bum rush you. Them and the assholes who swing their axe. Only one way to dodge it I know of and that's away.

  22. In addition to everything else others have pointed out, two or three teleporting Oni archers in one spot are death from above.

  23. UGH exploding corpses…. You feel so good after wiping out a wave of enemies clustered inside the circle then they all simultaneously combust and blow you out of existence…. The god damn audacity

  24. Late to this party as im fairly new but i cannot stand that one brute with the double edged staff that seems to only have red attacks. I also hate the tengu but havent had as much trouble with them as i thought i would.

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