Tips & suggestions for Ronin 2.18

  1. very good tips, i play a similar build but with staggering breath as ulti. weakens enemies for flaming roar, and i roll impactful throw on my charm to buy me time after my ulti. i get to pick off targets by either assassinating or finishing them off with bomb/SK

  2. What this Ghostie said. Ronin is very strong and easy to play. Still a monster at spawn/camp killing and wiping mobs with ease. I even wonder if the Black Powder bombs still might be too strong. For the stealth charm though, I use fire damage 20% on second property. I personally don't enjoy speed runs or spawn killing and prefer to sword fight as it is more fun this way but you can sacrifice smoke bomb for caltrops if you want more ghost weapon damage. Caltrops has lower cooldown than smoke and can roll munitions as a perk in patch 2.18. If you want to sacrifice safety or don't care about Oni Archers teleporting away from you at spawn points, I would replace smoke with caltrops for more Ghost weapon damage. If you want to spawn/camp kill or prefer to play it safely, use smoke over caltrops.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Appreciate the detailed game play suggestions as well. Truth is I just need to play around more with different combinations. Your build looks great and I’ll def work on testing it out.

  4. Thanks for the Caltrops Vs Smoke comparison. That’s quite helpful. That’s great to know that ronin is also powerful offensively speaking. I will keep at it thank you

  5. a lot of great tips here, just want to add that flash bomb is a really great tool in any bomb pack wielding class. annoying oni archers? oni brutes and lords about to launch deadly attack? reviving a downed teammate in a sea of enemies? the tricky bit is switching quickly between bombs, just make sure you're safe and aware of your surroundings!

  6. Get injured resolve gain on charm and healing gourd, if you don't have forbidden medicine get bottle of courage, use the healing ultimate and then just let them hit you, then you have the resolve to use your ult and heal everyone, then repeat

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