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  1. Just to add some further thoughts----what I also most want is a deeper sword combat system that builds off of the amazing foundation they now have in place. Deeper combat can come from:

  2. If they could make the combat a little more in depth, like juuuust towing the line of like DMC5 level comboing with a few more tools or just quicker integration of certain ghost weapons in chains.

  3. Excellent post Mr. Touha. I wish stance switching was as easy and convenient as God of War (2018) by pressing the d pad and you can immediately flow from weapon to weapon or stance to stance. A lot of times, I experience unresponsiveness in the controls during stance switching or the character slows down when moving. There should not be a loss in momentum during stance switching. I also like the alternate melee controls as you can swing your sword and pan the camera at the same time to observe your surroundings. Unfortunately, for melee alternate controls stance switching becomes even more tedious and quickfire ghost weapons and ultimate are different button inputs which can feel unnatural and cause confusions.

  4. We're gonna need lots of story missions and raids for legends. Also 3 men raids or loooong 2 men story missions/raids

  5. I disagree with so much of this. Who wants a AC styled ghosts game? Anyone? If I wanna climb shit, make clans or use one of 50 different weapons I’ll play AC or AC Japan when it comes out.

  6. What means “traditional open world” is there non traditional open worlds? They open but they closed or what? In this article i agree only with “more weapons” also more skills and improve stealth but not like mentioned in the article, at all it should be lifted

  7. No more 2 player story missions. Make them up to 4 players at all times. 2p was so boring and uninteresting.

  8. Would love to see more / better options for matchmaking because sometimes you don't care who you play with and other times, it would just be nice to have teammates that have at least a fraction of a clue.

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