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  1. You have to know what you’re doing to play hunter to that level. That being said, maturing is realising there’s more to this game than just DPS meta builds. Play how you want; don’t be mad if I leave because I don’t wanna play with a dps hunter as a super strike SAD assassin.

  2. Well if hunters bother you so much ignore them right? Or go play another game as you clearly have nothing better to do than sit in your basement playing games all day only coming out when your mom calls you for food, stop complaining about everything uncessary, if something in one game annoys you so much delete it, uninstall or and better idea than coming on reddit to complain just play another game for you to complain about, it's annoying to see any type of class complaints, git gud or uninstall.

  3. Huh? Did you hurt yourself trying to write this? Seems like you're the one sitting in moms basement if you really came here just to write up some petty insult and literally nothing else.

  4. I'm not going to lie, most of the time, when someone leaves, its because they died. I play with my Hunter quite a lot but I usually stay at one defense area. I only move when I don't see others going for another spawn. I mostly play plat7, but on occasions, I go in a nmsv or normal plat and I can say that unless you're one of the top players in the world, its quite hard to kill everything by yourself. I don't see a lot of players able to wipe 3 spawns before anyone else can go there first...and by that time, the spawn is usually dead. I consider myself better than average,but I still can't wipe three spawns just like that, even when I have the spawn list. Most of the randoms I play with, they take like 3 or 4 minutes to kill a spawn, so ofc I will have more kills than them.

  5. Well I've been a top tier player since this game came out, not the best but definitely above average. Had everything besides raid gear unlocked in the 1st few hours of legends release... A gold spawn takes me a minute max or less, most of the time less depending on the enemies. My entire issues was he was waiting up top, sniping already basically dead enemies. Taking the kills away from everyone else just to fill his ult, and rinse repeat...

  6. I'm a little late to the conversation, but I played mostly hunter since Legends was released. This topic has been discussed since the online part of the game was released before they nerfed the stone skipping bow and this will be a little long, so forgive me:

  7. Really good points. Things I didn’t think of when I posted my reply but they definitely play a part in how, I would think, most hunters operate.

  8. SP should just get rid of all ranged weapons, hell get rid of all classes and replace it with 4 identical samurais, I reckon that's the only thing that would make people stop crying about kills

  9. Or just wait for the second spawn of the wave after theve wasted their class ability and are just single popping enemies trying to build resolve. When I play my hunter I pick the best vantage I can find to cover as much as possible and clear out shit so everyone else can go mow down what’s left. If shit gets bad I’ll jump down with the others and hold a flag but why would I risk a melee fight with a glass cannon?? I find spirit kuni ronin more annoying than a hunter tbh. I’ve 120 builds of all 4 toons so I get your frustration but it is what it is. My ronin and assassin can keep up with most hunters and my samurai beats faces. Hate to say it but maybe get a better build. They can all hold their own if you play them right and sometimes people just have a lit round and go HAM. Sometimes I can’t kill shit.

  10. Last time I genuinely tried to ask nicely, it was met with the most toxic behavior I've ever seen. Quite literally could not swing my sword at all...even if I tried to stay as far as possible from them they ALL were in a party (didnt know until then) and started following behind me everywhere just to make sure I couldnt do anything.

  11. are these types of posts ever going to stop? you’re not playing with a good/considerate hunter. you’re generalizing an entire class when i’ve seen the same happen with the others. sigh

  12. finally someone here who's speaking the truth, these posts of complaining about hunters went from once a month to basically daily.. it's so annoying, and what's even more annoying is that people in the comments actually agree.. like ffs if people seriously complain about hunters or basically any other class playing the game as intended which is using their bows, ults, bombs or whatever the fuck then just stop playing the game, like seriously It's a fucking PvE game and you're out here complaining about people killing too fast??? then git the fuck gud and start to kill enemies faster yourself.

  13. Not once have I generalized the entire hunter class, its you hunters saying that I am. All I did was asked a question for hunter users....get a grip

  14. Op said: Not once did I blame all hunter so please reread the post. I asked a simple question for hunter users in general...thats not blaming ALL hunters.

  15. Yeah right, they all assumed I was just some low lv and made an ass of themselves. When im actually max 120 and hence why I asked the question in the 1st place. Either that or they came here just to troll, shit you not someone made a new account 3-4 times just to keep trolling.

  16. I’m confused as to what you expect the other players to be doing in Survival. Everyone should be trying to kill the enemies as quickly as possible, while defending all of the ‘flags’ and doing the bonus objectives. That’s the goal in Survival.

  17. Except thats exactly the was completely needless. Thats my complaint. Theres 3 other people perfectly capable of killing enemies and we were all just standing around watching 1 person kill everything from a vantage point.

  18. So I just play pure melee Sam in NMS. Range weapon is too op and wipe everything. I play hunter only in solo NMS and plat7, more challenging for hunters.

  19. I know that, I dont use anything but samurai. Thats why I said question for hunters...and proceeded with my question. As for the git gud part, kinda hard to do when someone is killing every enemy in front of you right as you bring their health down. As a samurai that literally kills me because fighting heals me. As I've said before if you r tm8s have no issue taking care of enemies, killing them off as they're already low on health is just rude and unneeded. Especially given how it wasnt telling me to go faster is pretty selfish. Im not even trying to tell others how to play, this is entirely about some players not allowing their tm8s to play period.

  20. It's probably because if you stay in the game and don't do anything and observe them you will find that they aren't that good at staying alive and defending themselves. I often jump onto a high rise with a friend once a Hunter or other classes blatantly refuse to let others play. Instead of leaving just don't help and wait for them to rage you. It gets quite funny really. Basically you are a meat shield to aggro the enemies away from them or placeholders on points so they don't take a HP hit because they can't handle everything themselves.

  21. Given the upvote count and you're the only response so far, im gonna go out on a limb and guess they dont have an answer as to why they do what they do lmao. Thats a great suggestion, but wow Im actually kinda surprised this post got straight downvoted over a simple question.

  22. I am not in the level of the hunters u talking about…. By the time i aim all other classes wipe out the whole spawn…

  23. Idc if they’re op if I’m playing hunter or any other class and there’s a hunter. Whatever, “take” my kills. It’s when they die after camping a spawn and then leaving that irks me the most. Like if you wanna feel superior, solo it. Don’t make things harder for other people because your ego was bruised.

  24. We werent able to do anything at all, so how is that make any of us want to feel superior? We just wanted to play but couldnt, please try reading.

  25. Adam. I support you. You are not alone I'm your opinion. You are simply stating your opinions and these people wanna get in their feelings because it's true. F**k the people talking boit "Get Gud". They need to get sum SPORTSMANSHIP. Or just go about there day and not put so much energy into people expressing themselves on the internet. I stand by you my guy

  26. What do you expect? you post your opinion that no one asked for, it's the third time this week that someone posts this shit it's getting annoying.

  27. These people are coming off as either seriously insecure or insane. So me asking a question for those who use the hunter class is now me generalizing all hunters...when the fuck did I say ALL HUNTERS are like this? These people obviously are trying to cope hard f they're accusing me of this over a question

  28. HUNTERS TAKE THE FUN OUT THE GAME. I agree with you 100% on everything you said. The people who disagree are probably toxic hunter mains who are the problem

  29. Remind me again didn't you finish your HH run with a bunch of really good hunters that can solo their zone? What you crying about, you got carried.

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