a thing I've been noticing.

  1. Id recommend not bum rushing the first round of a wave if you have a very proficient hunter because more often than not the whole team goes there. Hang back a sec in a good position and go for the second.

  2. The Hunter will just come to the 2nd and 3rd areas also because they’ll wipe the first area so fast.

  3. I have no issue with one or two hunters in the game, but when I see 3 hunters, I bounce. The only issue I have is those hunters who just stand at distance and fire their arrows from afar, but they aren’t good enough to hold a zone on their own but also refuse to stand in the circle and end up losing a zone.

  4. I’d say ronin is just as op as hunter. With their bomb packs, healing abilities, and spirit kunai with hidden blades and heavy kunai, and time replenish on kill, I like it more than hunter.

  5. As a hunter main I can tell you that the only times I matchmake alone with 3 randoms and manage to get over 300kills it's always because the other 3 players are slacking big time.

  6. Samurai and ronin are not to be underestimated as we can clear a wave just as fast as a hunter 🗿with the right build samurai barely needs to do melee DMG in general and....if you've been playing since release....you shouldn't be complaining since you should be wiping waves off the map just like hunter

  7. Yep, all a samurai needs to do is throw 2x Bpb, then ultimate to clear up any survivors. Literally can clear any wave thrown at them this way. Ronin could do the same, but I would probably throw 1 Bpb so that I could use spirit kunai to reset cooldowns

  8. I don't want this to sound rude or anything but the problem is not the hunter but it's you, you could simply go to a different zone, try to kill faster or just don't play with hunters at all, but instead you come onto reddit and complain about something that is being complained about daily. Hunters don't steal kills, they play the game as intended and if they kill faster than you it's not their fault, you could play with good Sam's or ronins and they would wipe spawns faster than a hunter.. If you want to play melee sam the best thing to do is either get a squad of melee players or simply go play story, this game obviously isn't meant for pure melee

  9. When I play with good samurais I stay away from their spawn points because by the time I'm able to aim my bow mfs clear the wave in milliseconds. Same for meta ronins. Every single "hunter - bad" post is made by players that don't understand how to utilize their respective classes better. Again you will never see high level ronin or samurai players complain about hunters.

  10. You can get more kills then most hunters if you playing as other classes you just have to kill stuff faster then them I’ve out killed some hunters playing other classes before by killing faster then them if you don’t kill fast then they will out kill you every time sense you play as samurai I recommend running bomb pack 5 resolve ult spam build with the 5 strikes technique or run any build where you can get your ultimate every 2 seconds I’ve seen some good samurais with those types of builds as it is the best build to keep up with a good hunter and to out kill her as well it’s just all about speed when playing with other hunters because like other guy said in the comments hunters can wipe a wave from a distance so you have to figure out as a samurai how to can you wipe enemies faster then them which maybe wait for the second or third wave of enemies then spawn kill or wipe them out as fast as you can before the hunter because other players are right in the comments hunters can’t teleport so you can always possibly get more kills then just the key is kill fast dude or else you will never get any kills and will watch hunters drop everything.

  11. I have played in games like you are talking about and I have played in games with the notorious trolls mentioned here doing lots of intentionally obnoxious stuff.

  12. The most confusing thing about this to me I suppose is when this is treated as a hunter only issue. When in reality, any class is capable wiping waves very quickly and robbing you of the first spawn.

  13. Great source. Post literally doesn't exist anymore. You're clearly part of the problem. Ol' gigachad Hunter over here, Likely deviant and all-around-douche. Thanks for your input 😅

  14. It's tough to have fun especially when there aren't any hwachas or anything to hamper them from sitting back and popping everyone. Without Hwachas though,, Hunters run Caltrops and just stack that resolve so fast, it's super un-fun to play with. Honestly, if I'm in a lobby and 1 or 2 people don't seem very chill, they constantly take the last hit to kill an Oni I've been working down or spam bombs, I just leave. I know it's not the necessarily the best thing for the community but I'm tryna have fun, too. If you get to a zone and I'm working the last Oni down and not getting wrekt by him, leave me alone and let me kill the guy, we're not speed-running and I'm not a liability to the match.

  15. Samurai can easily clear waves as fast or faster than a Hunter just requires skill and I think most people don’t wanna spend the time to get good at the game like the rest of us who have been playing since launch. As you said who wants to stand around when you can clear waves? I’m not gonna sit around and wait for others to kill enemies and then go down and now I have to revive and kill the enemies.

  16. Kill Stealer! We got a kill stealer here ⬆️ I've played with you before Bro, you don't care about anything but kills. Where is your healing bear? Where is your refreshing vanish? Not a team player!

  17. I understand what your saying, honestly I have so many little pet peeves when playing survivals but when its something like this alot of the time I just kinda hold back if everyone else is rushing over to it as I most likely wont be needed at all (at least in gold) I still will sometimes incase theres 2 waves at the same spot. if its too ridiculous ill usually leave as im not needed and kinda wasting my time.

  18. Get your samurai up to 120… I pride myself on stealing hunters kills.. they soften up the group with their class ability and I throw bombs and use my special and have them quit 🤣🤣🤣I used to get mad at them now I just steal their kills

  19. It is a nice write up and I agree with Mr. KazeFujimaru. It isn't a matter of, 'getting good' as the ranged builds/characters will have more of a presence than melee builds/characters. This will leave melee characters feeling left out or have less participation in the game because the ranged builds will get to enemies faster and kill faster. As suggested by Mr. KazeFujimaru, in a sequel there should be enemies that have resistances to poison, fire, and arrows. This way, melee and stealth attacks can be more useful in the battlefield. Yes, ranged attacks have more advantages in this game and in real life as well but this is fantasy and I am sure developers can find a way to balance it similar to God of War (2018) which you can stand back and easily spam ranged attacks while being safe at the cost of lower dps. The balance was higher dps in melee at the cost of your safety and efforts for God of War.

  20. It can happen in session but I don't get hunters that powerful very often. When I do they tend to take a wave on their own and clear up.

  21. Idnk I usually run assassin and I hated kill stealers. Now I just poison and stand back. Who cares if they get the kills it doesn't mean anything anyways. Back out and eventually you'll get the team that needs you.

  22. That doesn’t bother me, I just wait for the second invasion on each wave and leave them do their thing. I also turn off matchmaking way more often than before.

  23. Not all hunters are like that… i use wrath of sarugami and am mostly a melee hunter with kunai and caltrops…. i hate those bow hunters who wipes waves…. As if they were doing anyone a favor….

  24. I can respect that. I play all characters using overpowered builds from SSB Hunter, bomb/Spirit Kunai spamming Ronin, Toxic Vanish Assassin, to fire/bomb/ult spam Samurai.

  25. Play as the Ninja instead. You can unlock this special feature by pressing ⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️x1,000,000 on the main title screen.

  26. Wait to see which waves your team are chasing, then go after the opposite waves. If your team rushes the first wave, focus on the 2nd & 3rd waves. Etc. Also, when I play Samurai, I think “tank,” & focus on the enemies with the biggest health pools. Sure, Hunters will clean up the east dudes, but take all the agro from the heavy enemies, especially as you fight in the middle of a point. To me, even if you didn’t get as many kills as a hunter would, your still a badass for standing your ground while everyone fights around you.

  27. I feel the same about samurai tbh. Especially those that read the weekly spawn lists. Bombs melt spawns faster than any hunter build can.

  28. I play with all characters and with the hunter it can be very easy to do this so i will just chill in one location and help others if needed by lowering the enemy’s health down enough that my teammates can get the kill easier. Ex: I headshot an oni two times and let them finish it off. I also try to prioritize reviving teammates over sniping. Also I will hop into the circle when sniping is no longer an option. Some people are just simply one word “Ass”. I definitely feel where you coming from.

  29. I think the best way to fix this problem is not to nerf the hunter i think the best thing to do is to buff other classes, btw samurai is totally as strong as the hunter if you’re running a ult spam build with the weightless spirit or forbidden medicine + the samurai is the most tanky class in the game by far

  30. I use melee samurai and wait until 3rd wave to kill, but still there is a bomb samurai wipe out 1st wave and came directly spawn camping to 3rd wave and wipe everything. I just leave the game, we are not doing NMS TA..if you just want enjoy wipe everything why not play TA? or try NMS solo?

  31. Honestly I just stand at the spawn of a point. If my position happens to be the first wave then I move somewhere else. A good hunter could Solo the entire thing so you just have to be at the spawn point to do anything.

  32. Sam with bombpack is just as good as any hunter. You re doing something wrong for sure. I'm 150lvl Sam and I get the most kills even when I play only melee with enjos for the lulz a lot more often than not and with bombpack most kills 90+% of games just by playing normally in Plat/Survival. The only mode you re gimped as a Sam is plat7 and even there I ve seen Sam's better than me contesting assassins in kill count.

  33. Get you a bow for your Samurai...go to the first wacmve and fire your bow only to build up your resolve...once your resolve is full run to the 2nd spawn and use your ult. Hunter can't steal kills if enemies are already dead. But no matter what you do,the Hunter will more than likely have the most kills.

  34. The problem is not with the hunters or with you, imo, the problem is with the game. The game is just WAYYY too easy. If I’m with 3 decently leveled and decently skilled players, there’s zero chance we lose, even in nightmare mode.

  35. Thought you meant 85 ki for a second… when I play with a hunter who can take on a whole location by themselves I just go where they’re not.

  36. I like having a hunter or 2 just to ensure survivability but there's a difference between ulting to help the team and ulting when theres 2 enemies left just to secure those kills.

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