PSA: Platinum Survival - Custom Mode (w/ 7 Difficulty Modifiers) Introduction

  1. Only modifier that gives me trouble is those damn eyes of iyo and immunity every now and then I can complete NMS with zero deaths when those are active

  2. Aside from all the info already provided, I cannot stress enough STAY TOGETHER. I don't know how many times I've seen a team attack the first area, then one guy decides to Leroy Jenkins ahead of their team. Half the time they go down and half the time they take a bunch of damage that hurts the rest of their team. Yes, there will be times you have to break up and run solo until your teammates can join you, but work in pairs as often as possible.

  3. Yes, excellent call out. I’ve successfully done HH prolly 20 times by now, both with and without mics. If I found that I needed to go to a base on my own to save it, I used the “help” emote to ask for another player to join me. Worked out really well.

  4. Thanks for this! I found out about Hellmode recently but had no idea you could matchmake for it. Game changer.

  5. Hey there fellow ghosts! I've been at this challenge for quite a while now and I'm not getting lucky with randoms. Or maybe it's me... what could I improve on my gear? I'm a healer ronin.

  6. i tapped out towards end of last year, after SP repeatedly nerfed this game into the absolutely unchallenging & unfun category, when it should have been upping the skill level into outright hell mode... plus also having grinded everything & every multiple mastery combination needed to be done for all chars, it became stale...

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