True Blood & Steel Plat 7 Assassin Solo - Wave 13 death due to disciple respawning

  1. Stunning combat abilities and wave management skills on display as usual Chunky! You definitely got this and bet you’ll nail it soon.

  2. Man. I wish one day to be confident to even attempt this. I tried doing gold and I'm just not quick enough

  3. It comes with time man. Luckily with platinum survival you have a solid place to start learning how to solo. I'd recommend skipping gold all together and starting with no mod platinum and work your way up at your own pace. Just keep at it 💪

  4. Nice Chunky. You will get this soon. Love to see dedicated players like yourself embracing the full challenge of plat7 solo for what it is. Seeing more players out there claiming plat7solo wins with no disciples in play and its just a joke. I watch their runs and guarantee the zone would have been lost on numerous occasions had they done a true plat7 solo (going in and out of the DA to get disciples.) The zone control needed for handling disciples is one of the most challenging aspects of all. Kudos to you for not taking shortcuts and displaying skill in its purest form.

  5. Oh absolutely man. Disciples and aggressive foes, in my opinion, are the modifiers that give hell mode it's name. Actively removing one of those modifiers drastically changes the difficulty as you said. I appreciate the kind words. You know I always do things legitimately and always will 👊

  6. Why shame people that don't do "full" plat7? Some people maybe don't have the skill or the strategy yet. Also some are doing it for fun, not everyone is a masochist. Doing nightmare solo isn't even easy let alone plat7 without disciples.

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