1. Day 1 here. Also it is my first PS multiplayer game. It has some of the best melee mechanics of any game I've ever played. This game immediately comes to mind when playing other games.

  2. I started playing day 1 but went on hiatus and just got back to Legends this week. Cursed stuff, masteries and the like are all pretty much new to me and I'm having a blast picking up the game again. Made a toxic assassin and currently working on getting its gear up to 120.

  3. Legends is the only online game I have ever played that I enjoy every time! I hate PvP, an MMO's. I think limiting online to Co-Op & 4 players only was an excellent choice from SP. Haven't played in ages, but definitely one I would pick up if I got board.

  4. Day 1 player here as well and I also still play almost every day! I have honestly played almost nothing else but Ghost and Legends since it's release (only other game a replay of Sekiro)---I think I can safely say it is my favorite game of all time now. I was not much of a multiplayer gamer before either until just never gets old!

  5. Literally bought a “his and hers” set of PS5s for my bf and me so we could play Legends with a friend back in our home state. We’re about a year and a half into this game and we can’t even so much as try another game because nothing compares. And this community is just the cherry on top.

  6. Day one player even in legends with 2 TOP 1 in story leaderbord and 2 TOP 1 in Trial…but since Kina,Kichi,Hank,Mj and many others stopped to play, I lost interest because there was no longer that energy derived from competing with OG players who had decided to drop legends. However for me it is one of the best games of the last 10 years in both singles and CO-Op

  7. Day 1 player here. I play Legends for stress relief after a long tiresome day. I still remember how excited I was when SPP launched Legends!

  8. It really is one of the best multiplayer games I’ve ever played, never gets old. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but is it maybe the only current multiplayer game with no microtransactions whatsoever?

  9. Day 1 player and retired grandfather. Legends is the only cooperative multiplayer game I have not quit in disgust at other players’ poor behaviors. Random learning curve is part of the game. I think of them as apprentices.

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