No ult samurai (No damage session in wave 15 of this week NMSV solo🙏)

  1. For me this is peak Samurai gameplay….beautiful to watch. It shows the beauty of the melee system to its fullest. Very refreshing to see an example of how special the game can be if the focus is not on the “meta” play style….

  2. Question for solo platinum Samurai players, what would you say is the best way to deal with tengu? (Couple weeks ago one of the map has 3 tengu together at one spawn, can’t rem which one already) Most of the time I died because of them I can handle other onis on my own just fine.

  3. Save your ult for unexpected tengu, dont just spam it as soon as its ready. Also with suragami and counter heals you can kill them quickly. Just start attacking and they will do a spear sweep that is ease to counter and you will kill them and return to full health. Running wind stance with some stagger damage is good option too, can stagger them with one kick.

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